Cosmedix Skin Care will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first Cosmeceutical I ever used in clinic. When our clinic took on Cosmedix I remember prepping my first client for her Benefit Peel. We prepped her with the Cosmedix Refine and Cosmedix Defy. She used Refine 1 night and Defy the next. She also used the Purity Clean Cleanser and the Hydrate Plus Sunscreen. After 4 weeks of prepping, my client was ready for her first Benefit Peel. The Benefit Peel went well and at our next appointment 4 weeks later was the moment I feel in love with Cosmedix. This was the first time in the then 7 years in Beauty that I had seen such positive change in the skin after 1 treatment. Her skin was smoother, the skins surface was refined, pores were clean and appeared smaller, fine lines had smoothed as her skin suppleness and texture had improved. I have never looked back ever since. I knew Cosmedix was the cosmeceutical brand I had been longing for and finally I could put my heart and passion behind a brand.

Since Cosmedix, there have been other Cosmeceuticals to come to the market of which we also stock at Skin Matrix. PCA Skin, Societe, Aspect Skin Care, Osmosis and Osmosis MD. From there I have go on to develop my own cosmeceutical range, Skin Matrix where I have teamed up with a Specialist Cosmetic Formulator of Cosmeceuticals. Over the years I have discovered which ingredients work well for different skin types and conditions. There is the right cosmeceutical out there for you, its a matter of being matched to the right product for your skin type and concern.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Cosmedix:

  1. Cosmedix is as far as I am aware the first Cosmeceutical range to bring out the idea of chirally correct formulations. Chirality refers to the right or left spin of a molecule. Cosmedix use molecules that only have a positive effect on the skin. This allows them to use higher concentrations of active ingredients without either the Left or Ride side spin molecules which can irritate the skin.
  2. Cosmedix was one of the first ranges to really focus on the exfoliation process in both the skin care regime and in clinic. I totally understand this,  we can have the most amazing serum in the world packed full of fabulous ingredients, but if these ingredients cannot penetrate into the layers that matter then it is useless. Encouraging gentle regular exfoliation reveals our skins true potential along with creating a more efficient skin care product penetration pathway into the skin.
  3. Cosmedix Skin Care also pride themselves on using the best plant derived ingredients and pure essential oils. No artificial colours or fillers, they look to nature first to solve ones skin care needs.

Top 3 Favourite Cosmedix Products:

Over the years, these 3 Cosmedix products have been very popular and have really assisted clients with their skin care concerns:

Cosmedix Define – loved by many, this cream formulation combines vitamin A with fruit acids for anti-ageing benefits. It will refine the skins surface over the time of use, whilst minimizing pores, great for treatment of blackheads. The vitamin A will bring a freshness to the skin and glow that reflects the skin increasing in cellular turnover and taking on a healthy appearance. Use every night, only a very small amount is needed. Some clients may need to moisturise on top of the Define for extra hydration. Think of this as a treatment cream for smooth, refined skin. Do not use if pregnant or lactating.

Purity Balance – For stubborn cases of breakouts or clients with oily skin (meaning you have large pores all over the face not just on your t-zone) this is the product you must have. Cleanse the skin (with Purity Clean) and then spritz purity balance on a cotton ball and wipe over the skin. Use once a day for a month, if tolerated you can try using morning and night. If the skin becomes red, dry or flaky reduce to once a day. Fruit acids assist in breaking down the glue that holds dead skin together and assists in preventing oil plug from forming in your pores.

Pure Enzymes – this a gentle enzyme exfoliator that can replace your granular scrub. For those with sensitive skins this is a good option to use once a week. For those you love a granular scrub, I recommend using the Pure Enzymes once a week and 2 days later doing a scrub. Keep skin smooth, fresh, hydrated and bright. Apply to the face like a mask after cleansing and wash off after 10 minutes.

Not sure which products are right for you? 

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