Natural Body Oil & Scrub

There’s nothing more soothing or more relaxing than a body scrub with a nice scented body oil! And there’s nothing more luxurious than treating yourself to a wonderful body oil, full of essential herbs and botanicals!

While we love to talk about the healing properties of organic compounds and floral formulations here at Skin Matrix, and as much as we love to preach the importance of beauty coming from healthy skin rather than at the expense of it, sometimes there’s nothing more vital than laying back and enjoying a decadent afternoon in a warm bath with a fragrant body oil!

Of course, every item in our carefully curated body scrub range was selected for its enriching characteristics and holistic health effects as well. We hope you’ll find a deep cleansing, revitalising body oil full of natural agents with your name on it here. Go on and treat yourself - you deserve it!

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