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Let's face it, we cannot stop the ageing process but we can create a healthy skin that we can be proud of makeup free and beyond!

This is what we do at Skin Matrix, we live and breathe healthy complexions that are well fed, nurtured and loved. We create skincare regimes for our customers who look forward to their daily regime.Our skin is constantly changing throughout the decades, let's embrace ageing and every little character line that comes with it.

Who are we?

Skin Matrix has been operating since 2005 and has a passion for Cosmeceutical Skin Care and Mineral Make Up. Sarah Wilkinson is our Skin Care Specialists has over 24 years experience in the Beauty and Cosmetic world, after having worked in a Laser and Cosmetic Clinic for many years she decided to focus her attention to a holistic facial style to target both ageing, acne and skin sensitivites.

Sarah has developed the 4 Pillars of Skin Health Program, unique to Skin Matrix, which gives insight into what a client is putting on their skin (topical), hormone health, gut health and emotions. Sarah has discovered that a balance of all 4 areas enables one to obtain true skin health. Working with other specialists in their fields when needed such as Integrative Doctors, Naturopaths and Nutritionists, Sarah is able to provide a wealth of insight to her clients in a clear and achievable fashion. With an Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy and additional Advanced Skin Analysis Courses throughout her 19 years in the industry, Sarah is also a Qualified Paramedical Aesthetician, having worked alongside Cosmetic Doctors and in Australia's first Laser Clinic over 15 years ago. Sarah is currently undertaking her Diploma in Sound Therapy and had recently launched her Sound Facial introducing vibrational therapy within her Treatments.

Our Core

"I am passionate about educating my customers and clients on the purpose and benefits of using specific products. Understanding my clients' skin and aligning it with skincare that enhances its quality is my mission along with looking at the body as a whole, treating the body with what it needs topically and to cultivate support for within."

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Skin Matrix Skin Care

Skin Matrix Skin Care began in 2008 with the development of our first facial scrub. It was our hero product and planted the dream for Skin Matrix to eventually have our own entire Skin Care Range. Years on we have built a simple and effective philosophy of creating a healthy skin by raking and feeding the skin with ingredients that are kind and nurturing to the skin. We are passionate about educating our customers to get to know their skin to find the optimal balance of raking and feeding (aka exfoliating and nourishing). These effective ingredients enhance cell health and bring back the glow! Have a question on any of our products? Be sure to ask us, we would love to help.

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