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Our own range of branded Skin Matrix beauty and health products are specially designed to treat you gently while getting powerful results. Following our philosophy of doing what’s right by Planet Earth as well as your skin, we combine the best that Mother Nature has to offer with the most advanced scientific formulations from the fields of dermatology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics - all aimed at stimulating healthier, happier, better looking skin.

Sarah Wilkinson created the Skin Matrix Cosmeceutical Range alongside of a skin care formulator who is well regarded for being at the forefront of the skin care ingredient market. Sarah's experience with other Cosmeceutical Lines and a passion for cosmetic chemistry, Sarah knew exactly what ingredients she wanted in the Skin Matrix Range. 18 years of feedback and sharing positive results with her clients, Sarah understands which ingredients are needed to create a positive change in a variety of skin conditions and types. Safe for all skin types, and non irritating Skin Matrix has assisted many sensitive skin clients with psoriasis and eczema thus far returning their skin to a confident and supported state.

Skin Matrix products are soothing rather than harsh, healing rather than hiding, and always focused on recharging skin at a cellular level for ever-lasting beauty (unlike many modern cosmetics and skin care products which damage the skin and speed the aging process).

Skin Matrix Cosmeceuticals are free of: Sulfates, Parabens, Propylene Glycols, DEA's, mineral oils, artificial colours. Not tested on animals.

For best results, we enrich our products with vitamins and minerals in order to make sure that your skin is getting everything it needs in order to glow with happiness! Whether irritated, damaged, imbalanced or tired, your skin will find what it needs with our Skin Matrix line! And with our gift certificates and packs, you can give the perfect gift for someone special (or maybe keep it all for yourself)!

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