Cosmeceutical skin care and Cosmetics frequently get categorized into the same box. They sound similar (they are both skin care products) but once investigated they are actually very different indeed. There is no right or wrong choice in the matter, simply up to the consumer and what they are wanting to receive and achieve from their skin care. For those after luxury brands, that smell divine and feel fabulous on the skin, then Cosmetics are the way to go for you. If you care more about what is in the product and what the product can do for you in terms of results, then Cosmeceuticals are the way to go for you. 

Let’s put Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals together head to head so you are equipped with the info needed to make your next skin care purchase decision.


Cosmetics are able to be sold over the counter as they contain minimal active ingredients. They try to contain some active ingredients so they can make claims about those active ingredients and the benefits of using the product. Cosmetic’s focus on how the products feels and smells and can range from under $50 a bottle to over $500 a bottle depending on the brand name you are buying into. They are usually full of chemicals and preservatives unless you have chosen a natural or organic brand. The focus is on the marketing of the product and the feel good sensation when the product is used.


A blend of the terms Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals drives the Cosmeceutical’s philosophy into active, effective and visual results. Cosmeceuticals usually contain minimal nasties and maximum ingredients to create a positive change in the skin. Skin conditions such as rosacea, pigmentation, decline of collagen and elastin (ageing), acne and dry skins can all be improved through the use of Cosmeceutical skin care. The marketing drive for Cosmeceuticals is all about what the product will do for your skin and what it will target to improve. I find that Cosmeceuticals do not clog the pores and cause breakouts (vouching for the brands we sell online!). They allow the skin to breathe.

3 Main differences between Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals:

~ Where you buy the product from. Cosmeceuticals are commonly found in Cosmetic/Laser and Skin Clinics.

~ The marketing – Cosmetics love a celebrity endorsement to promote the product rather than Cosmeceuticals market the active ingredients and the results their consumer can experience with using their products.

~ Ingredients are also a defining factor between the two categories. A high percentage of active ingredients and results driven philosophy for Cosmeceuticals and for Cosmetics minimal active ingredients but it feels lovely to use.

Not sure which products are right for you? 

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