Maintenance Treatments

Regular skin care treatments will keep you skin on track. Just as consistent exercise is needed to maintain a healthy body, consistent skin care treatments will keep your skin healthy.

Facial Yoga Massage 30 minutes $100

After a Facial Cleanse and Exfoliation whether it be a facial peel, microdermabrasion or our Oxygen Exfoliation Technique, the skin is then drenched in beautiful oils and nourished with our Skin Matrix Ultra Dry Moisturiser to begin the Facial Yoga component of the treatment.

To receive Facial Yoga is highly invigorating to the skin, yet calming and relaxing to the body. With massage comes an increase in blood flow, which allows for optimal absorption of the nutrients and vitamins. You will be surprised how tight and how much tension we hold in our facial muscles. Facial Yoga strengthens elastic fibers of the face, and improves skin elasticity and smoothness.

Reduce puffiness and increase that “glow” with Facial Yoga whether you have this treatment on its own or as part of our Skin Matrix 1 hour Bespoke Facial.

BTB Facial 40 minutes $129

Our Banish the Blemish Facial is dedictated to all skins suffering from breakouts and for people of all ages. Purge your skin of impurities with either a peel of glycolic, lactic, citric or malic acid. The peel will soften the skins surface, to breakdown the intercellular glue that holds dead skin together. Once the skin is prepped and softened by the peel, extractions will remove skin impurities, clearing congestion.

Includes: Facial Peel and Deep Pore Cleansing Extractions

BTB LED Facial 50-60 minutes $174

Banish the Blemish with all the benefits of the BTB Facial, this facial has the added healing and anti-inflammitory benefits of LED Therapy. Blue LED therapy will reduce redness, kill acne bacteria, and start the healing process post extractions. Deep Pore Cleansing Extractions will remove congestion. Skin is calmer post treatment. Suitable for anyone with breakout skin. For moderate to severe acne, recommended bi weekly. See our BTB Bootcamp.

Includes: Facial Peel, LED Light Therapy Treatment, Deep Pore Cleansing Extractions

Skin Matrix Custom Facial 50 minutes $135

Our Skin Matrix Custom Facial is our signature treatment which is customized at each and every appointment. Once we analyse your skin and the skins condition we will exfoliate (manual, enzymes or acids), remove any blemishes with our deep pore cleansing extractions. We customize a antioxidant mask just for you and indulge your senses with our signature Facial Yoga, Neck and Decolletage massage to finish.

Includes: Skin Analysis, Facial Exfoliation Or AHA Skin Peel, Extractions, Custom Facial Mask, Facial Yoga Massage, Neck and Decolletage Massage.

Mens Facial 50 minutes $135

Designed with a males skin in mind. Our thorough double exfoliation process will instantly refresh a tired skin whilst thoroughly cleansing the pores. With all of the benefits of the Skin Matrix Custom Facial, we focus on any problems areas as addressed.

Includes: Skin Analysis, Double Facial Exfoliation or Peel, Extractions, Custom Facial Mask, Facial Yoga Massage, Neck and Decolletage Massage.

Super Pore Refiner 45 minutes $165

This super multitasker treatment combines 3 facial therapies to reveal a brighter, smoother and clearer complexion. Exfoliation, Infusion and Oxygenation all in the 1 treatment. Pores are deep cleansed and exfoliated whilst the skin is infused with a blend of hydrating properties and vitamins including Vitamin C and E. Oxygenation of the skin increases blood flow and absorption of nutrients to reveal a more radiant and glowing complexion. Great for refining pores, removing excess build-up, improving skin tone and texture. Finish the treatment with either a Custom Facial Mask or our Signature Face, Neck and Decolletage Massage.

Suitable for any skin type with minimal to no breakouts.

Includes: 3 in 1 OxygeneO+ Facial Exfoliation, Oxygenation and Hydrating Infusion, Facial Yoga Massage/Neck and Decolletage Massage OR Antioxidant Custom Facial Mask.

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Red Carpet Ready 60 minutes $230

Looking for instant skin tightening, plumping, hydrating and skin you will love? Reveal a brighter complexion through our 3 in 1 Exfoliating, Oxygenating and Infusion Therapy. Fine lines and skin tone is instantly revitalised and the skin is fed intense hydrating and plumping ingredients for a flawless camera ready complexion. Instantly tighten existing collagen fibers with our RF treatment. A warm and comfortable thermal heat will give you an instant skin rejuvenation and firming treatment. No downtime. Recommend a course of 6 or 12, biweekly. See our Bootcamp Packages.

Add On: LED $45

Includes: OxygeneO+ Facial, Antioxidant Custom Mask OR Facial Yoga Massage, Decolletage and Neck Massage, RF (radiofrequency).

Facial Gym 1 hour $130

Designed to stimulate every one of your facial muscles to tone and firm the face, imagine you are taking your face to the gym. This is the most advanced, effective and safest non-surgical facelift treatment available today. All 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements. Soft cotton tipped wands are used on the face to transmit the micro-current energy to the facial muscles to restore tone and elasticity.

Includes: 50 minutes of non-invasive and comfortable facial microcurrent therapy.

Oxygen HydroGel Facial 60 minutes $220

Oxygen instantly revitalises the skin, increasing blood flow, increasing the skins ability to absorb nutrients your skin will radiate and feel amazing. The skin is exfoliated, infused and oxygenated with our all in 1 treatment modality that says goodbye to tired dull complexions. Indulge in our signature Facial Yoga, Neck and Decolletage Massage to release tension and escape from daily stresses. Our Hydrogel Moisture Mask will take your skin to the optimal hydration point. Perfect before a special occasion.

Includes: OxyGeneO+ Facial, Facial Yoga Massage, Neck and Decolletage Massage, Hydrogel Mask

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