Body & Face Mist Spray

There’s nothing like a soothing body mist or refreshing body mist to put a spring in your step, a smile on your buzz and a glow to your skin! With Skin Matrix’ range of fabulous body mist and face mist assortments, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pick me up whatever your needs and skin type.

Hydration mists, invigorating mineral sprays and enriched antioxidant sprays are among the exhilarating selection at Skin Matrix. These body mist sprays will not only perk you up with a dash of cooling hydration, they’ll recharge your skin with the essential nutrients and minerals that you lose throughout the day. And our restoring range is suited to a variety of different activities, body types and desires.

Our carefully curated body mist range comes from only the best suppliers available, based on the criteria not only of beauty and comfort but on their commitment to healthy skin - the principle that looking good shouldn’t come at the expense of feeling good.

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