Natural Makeup Remover

Makeup can be fantastic fun, but when the party’s over the makeup remover is the most important part of the story. Struggling for hours with greasy, lacquered-on makeup remnants and a soggy tissue can really bring your night down, and going to sleep with it still on is not an option to be considered. Natural makeup remover that reinvigorates and nourishes tired skin is the best option, rather than an alcohol-based or acidic makeup remover that does as much damage as good.

While using mineral makeup reduces the harmful effects of makeup on your skin, and can even protect it in the short term, you don’t want to leave it on forever. Natural makeup remover is well suited to mineral makeup, although it’s just as effective on traditional makeup formulations.

At Skin Matrix, we love healthy skin. Our beauty product suppliers are chosen by us because they love healthy skin too. Grab yourself some of our makeup remover, and feel as good as you look!

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