Makeup & Costmetic Bags

A horse, a horse, half my kingdom for a horse! We all know that feeling, not least when frantically grabbing for some kind of makeup bag to load your cosmetics-on-the-go in.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on top-quality mineral makeup cosmetics, skin care therapeutic formulations and other skin products and then let them roll behind the dress or spill all over your bag. Our clear cosmetic bags are perfect for home kits, travel bags, and even toiletries.

Grab one and make a special gift kit of your friend’s favourite products from the Skin Matrix range, (or just keep it for yourself)! Suitable for smaller handbags, our makeup bags come with a clear cover to prevent scrabbling around for that hidden lipstick!

We also carry a number of specialist makeup bags, kits and other containers. Check our range for fabulous starter kit deals at reduced prices.

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