Registered Nurse Ezra has combined her knowledge of working with family beehives and her experience as a Registered Nurse in the treatment of chronic wound management. Ezra discovered the power of Manuka Honey in healing skin conditions by reducing inflammation, antimicrobial and the healing of breakouts. Psoriasis even benefited as well from Manuka Honey and this has propelled Ezra to develop Pollen Nation a skin care that Ezra is passionate about and is witnessing it tick the boxes when it comes to healing the skin and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

The range currently has their Honey Shots Clearing Gel that combines Lactic Acid with Manuka Honey, Niacinamide and Green Tea Extract. Use morning and night before your moisturiser. Not heavy or oily on the skin.

Stau tuned for Pollen Nation Moisturiser coming out soon!

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