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PCA Skin is an industry leader in the training and education of physicians, professionals and the general public about skin health and care. Their line of PCA Skin Care products are a result of the confluence of medical best practice, advanced pharmaceutical formulation, and the needs and wants of the modern consumer.

Skin Matrix carries a selection of PCA Skin items focusing on the combination of comfort, ease of use and practicality with delivering highly targeted results to demanding skin. Not all products are suitable for everybody’s daily regime, and some are specifically designed to target the unique characteristics of problem areas for an individual. The PCA Skin Care creams and lotions that we carry can be used to protect, rejuvenate and hydrate delicate areas like lips or throat without worrying about inflaming or damaging the sensitive, thinner epidermis or upsetting fine balances of oils and natural chemicals.

PCA Skin Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum is one of the most popular PCA Skin Care Products we sell. Got a facial line that you hate? The Exlinea Serum is your peptide spot treatment to smooth out facial lines and minimise the appearance of expression lines and increase skin elasticity. You can use the Exlinea Peptide Serum all over or just on stubborn facial lines. Follow application with your favourite facial moisturiser and/or sunscreen. Remember it is the sun that can also increase facial line depth as it slowly destroys and breaks down our collagen fibres. Sun protection daily on the face and neck will slow down premature ageing. PCA Skin Weightless Protection SPF45 broad protection will do just that. Quick absorbing and easily applied under make up, the PCA Skin Weightless Protection will provide not only protection from UV rays but a surge of antioxidants to continue the fight against ageing.

PCA Skin Intensive Age Refining and PCA Skin Intensive Clarity Treatment are 2 targeted serums to combat the ageing process and acne. The Age Refining Treatment contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B - niacinamide to even skin tone, improve texture and skin elasticity. Whereas the Intensive Clarity Treatment is a vitamin A serum that will combat pesky breakouts whilst assisting in scar improvement. Containing 2% salicylic acid, this oil dissolving scar rejuvenating serum is one to use nightly to say goodbye to blemishes.

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