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The Osmosis election, from the team at Osmosis Skin Care, has been formulated and designed by Dr Ben Johnson using a combination of patented next-generation skin care technology and the bounty of Mother Nature. Natural ingredients are combined with Osmosis' Zinc Finger Technology to produce a range of skin treatment items with refreshing bounce, purifying properties and sensitivity to all skin types. Osmosis  products contain high strength actives.

Skin Matrix encourages our Osmosis clients to consider an Osmosis Facial Infusion once they have prepped their skin on any of the Vitamin A containing products such as Correct, Calm, and Clarify. The Osmosis Facial Infusion is the first non-acid facial peel for all skin types and tones. The Osmosis Facial Infusion is not uncomfortable and the downtime is minimal to nil.

With this range, the Osmosis team wanted to focus on barrier repair and dermal health, rather than the cosmetic industry's norm of epidermal abrasion. With a holistic outlook, Osmosis aims at improving the health of the body's largest organ rather than scrubbing it raw in the name of beauty. While improved glow, clearer and cleaner skin, and a healthier look are the results, they come about as a result of a deeper invigoration of the skin's lower layers and a genuine internal vigor rather than a temporary superficial sheen.

Osmosis Calm, one of the most popular Osmosis products is designed for moderately-sensitive skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. The Osmosis vitamin A serums are the most powerful age-reversing serums available. It encourages the skin to calm inflammation, restores the protective barrier, increases skin nutrients and immune repair, rebuilds the thin dermis, normalizes oil, hydrate, firm and protects skin from UV rays.

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