Osmosis Mineral Makeup Colour

The Osmosis Mineral Makeup Colour

Osmosis Mineral MakeUp was designed and created by Dr. Ben Johnson with a holistic approach. Formulated for all skin types even the most sensitive Osmosis Mineral Make-Up will not clog your pores, only prove to be a natural healthy alternative that enhances skin health. Skin Matrix prides itself on only promoting Mineral Makeup as we have found this to be the most beneficial for all skin types. Especially sensitive and acne-prone skins who cannot tolerate chemically-laden make up. Allow your skin to breathe and enjoy the natural look of minerals on the skin. We spend money and time with our skincare routine, why not look after your skin that step further by using only Mineral Make Up.

Mineral Make-Up uses natural ingredients and is recommended by all dermatologists in the know. We have seen Rosacea, acne, eczema and other skin conditions improve just by changing to Mineral Makeup. Weightless and comfortable Mineral Make Up is designed to blend in with the skin tone and enhance ones complexion.

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