Rejuva3 Microcurrent Machine

Your Rejuva3 facial rejuvenaion and LED machine have advanced capabilities combining four of the dermatologist's best-practice therapies, entirely at home and self-operated. Microcurrent at home is more convenient, easier and cheaper than consulting with a clinician, and with a Rejuva3 you can experience the same results!

Coming with both easy-to-use operations manual and continued online support, Rejuva3 allows you to easily perform:
- Electroporation
- Radiofrequency (RF) therapy
- LED phototherapy
- Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Used in combination with an individualized skin routine, your Rejuva3 Microcurrent Machine will produce results that are only otherwise available with a team of medical professionals and expensive in-clinic visits. Restoring activity to and healing aging or damaged skin, rejuvenating tired muscles, targeting scar tissue and over-pigmentation, firming tired collagen stores, and microcurrent at home are all possible at your convenience, making improved health as well as beauty therapy a realistic goal.

Clients that start with the Rejuva3 are never disappointed. Cleanse the skin, do an exfoliation if you wish, then apply your serums and moisturiser. Keep in mind the products you apply to your skin will be infused into the deeper layers of the skin with the Rejuva3 Elite. Spritz one side of the face with a gentle facial water as the face needs to be moist for the Rejuva3 microcurrent to conduct. Then you are ready to start your at home skin rejuvenation! 5 minutes each side of the face is all you need, 2 times a week. Clients can report a firming of the skin, all over radiance and glow. Not only is it relaxing but it gives you more bang for your buck for your beauty products. No point in spending money on quality skin care if the fabulous ingredients are not penetrating deep within the skin.

Rejuva3 Elite cannot be used on areas where one has had botox. Pacemakers or any metal components within the body is a contraindication to using the Rejuva3 Elite.

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