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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is the modern Mineral Makeup Range - one who cares about the planet, about ethical consumption, and most importantly about their health - this is the Mineral Makeup for you. Triple milled the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Range sits on the skin effortlessly and requires no filter!

That';s not to say that the Jane Iredale Australia selection isn't a fantastically assortment of tantalizingly sexy lipsticks and blushes; cant-live-without kits and daily essentials; and primers. It's just that we love Jane Iredale's credo that a healthy make up leads to feeling great, glowing skin and a healthy perspective on all things make up. Toted as the Skin Care Makeup brand, Jane Iredale originally started out in the makeup world just with her loose mineral powders. Keen to offer her clients makeup to wear post cosmetic procedures, her range soon grew in popularity as her range grew to offer all things makeup with a healthy twist.

Gone are the days where we only have chemically laden makeup to choose from. Mineral makeup is a natural makeup that is a healthy makeup. Pores remain clean and clear as mineral makeup will not seep into pores or create congestion which chemical makeup does so very well. Touted to be so healthy you can sleep in it! Not that we recommend that on a regular basis! Her magic mitt offers quick and easy makeup removal without the need for a cleanser. Simply wet an wipe over the skin and you are done.

Having personally met Jane Iredale I am even more connected to the brand, she truly is an inspiration and her heart and soul flows into her makeup line. We are truly grateful to have such a mineral makeup pioneer, who broke the tradition of the chemical makeup world. For that we are thankful Jane Iredale! Today we care about what goes into our products and we want to use products that are not tested on animals and that are safe to use.

Jane Iredale BB Cream is a popular product, an SPF 25 and primer and foundation all in one. This will offer a medium to heavy coverage. The Liquid Minerals will offer a dewy and hydrated finish to the skin and whilst containing no SPF, you can dust a small amount of Loose Mineral or Pressed Mineral Powder to offer a SPF of 25. The Jane Iredale Powders are all 45 minutes water resistant allowing staying UV power whilst you are swimming or exercising.

The Jane Iredale Australia range is based on mineral makeups, as well as super-handy tools and brushes that have made it into the must-have category for today's woman. Starter kits, assortments and themed selections make great guilt-free gifts for anyone - especially yourself!

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