We are constantly in a state of ebb and flow. Our breath, the ocean, the universe, our energy… everything breathes, every living thing contracts and expands and is in a constant state of change. So is life really about finding balance or really working to find our inner peace amongst the chaos of this beautiful life?

Inspiration for Hanako’s growth and expansion has been through life’s events and its constant state of ebb and flow and finding tools to use and draw upon to maintain this space.

There are life defining moments that in the blink of an eye can change the course of who you are- and who you decide you want to be.

Here is the story of founder Rachael:

For Jeff and I that defining moment was October 23, 2009, When we were given the news that our first child had passed away two days before she was due to be born. Stillborn.

The shock and pain are heart-breakingly sudden and go to the depths that are unimaginable.... until you are placed in this situation. We were very lucky to be guided so well by the POW Hospital, Deb our grief counceller that was provided to us by the Hospital and all the amazing staff surrounding us, our family and friends. We got to spend a few days with our darling little girl, honouring her, holding her and trying to fit in a lifetime of cuddles and kisses before we said our final goodbyes.

This however, was life changing for us. Things that we thought were important were no longer so important, it was like a rebirth for us both and we saw life from a completely new perspective that shifted our life's direction.

I had been wanting to Study Energetic Healing while I was pregnant with Sierra but was worried how I would handle a new born and studies. After she passed away it was such a push, like she guided me to do it, to show me my path.

And so I began, just a month after losing her I went and sat in on an information day for a Diploma in "Energetic and Spiritual Healing" and my whole being knew that this was exactly where I was meant to be and what I was meant to be doing.

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