Edible Beauty

Blending science-backed natural actives with traditional botanicals, for powerful beauty formulas. Edible Beauty has been committed to creating truly sustainable products for your health and the planet since 2014.

In 2014, whilst working as a Naturopath in a fertility clinic, Anna Mitsios became fed up with the lack of safe, pure skincare products suitable for pregnant women. Edible Beauty takes an ultra-pure stance on skincare and wellness. Our ingredients go through a rigorous screening process, ensuring that they have a “food-grade” purity level and that they are not only highly-efficacious, but are good for you, and the planet.

Our innovative cellular extraction process ensures that phyto-actives found in our Australian native and botanical plant extracts are 100% bio-available and stable. Australian Native ingredients are a show case in the Edlible Beauty Products, harnessing all the nature has to offer.

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