Dead skin is inevitable – each day thousands of your skin cells die. While some slough off during the day, the majority stay on your body. This extra dead skin that lingers on your body and in your hair can cause itching and discomfort. It can even make it feel as though you have dry skin. But, do you know what is hiding under all that dry and dead skin? You got it – bright, beautiful, radiant skin that is just waiting to be nurtured. A body scrub is great to use as a full body exfoliator to remove all that lingering dead skin and reveal the new, healthy skin hiding underneath.

At Skin Matrix, we offer some of the best body scrub in the industry like our Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, which is an organic exfoliating body scrub. Australia offers so many fantastic exfoliating products so we can keep our skin smooth and vibrant, even with our sunny climate.

Did you know that a great body scrub also does more than just exfoliate your dead skin? High-quality body scrub, like the products we offer here at Skin Matrix, also delve deep into your skin cells, rehydrating them and continuing to promote long-lasting re-hydration.
One of the best ways to slow down the effects of aging is to take care of your skin. Try one of our body scrubs to be on your way to healthier and younger looking skin today! It is never too late to start taking care of your skin and slowing down aging, but it is also never too early. Everyone should have a strong, hydrating body scrub on hand at all times.

Do you find yourself getting a sunburn just about all year-round? Then body scrub is a skincare must-have for you, too! The sunburn dries up the skin cells and causes the skin to peel. Once your sunburn no longer hurts, use one of our body scrubs to rehydrate your damaged skin and get rid of that extra, sun-damaged dead skin.

Check out our body scrub products today, and combine them with one of our body moisturisers for even better results!

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