Are you someone who washes your hands at least five or more times each day? Or, is hand sanitiser your weakness? While preventative and health measures like these are vital in keeping us healthy, the chemicals in most soaps and hand sanitisers, combined with the excess of water needed for these products, can take a toll on your hands. Hand washing is important, but too much of it or doing it without using hand cream often can leave you with dry, cracked, and painful hands.

Just as easily as you put on hand sanitiser, you can rub in a dollop of hand lotion. We offer some of the best hand cream in the industry that will rehydrate your skin, smooth it out, and leave it feeling and smelling great. At Skin Matrix, we offer products which are specifically designed for an individual part of the body. This specificity allows us to offer you the best product for whatever issue it is that you are trying to solve, ensuring that it will be a localised and specific treatment and product.

Our hydrating hand creams are specifically designed for the hands whether they are just slightly dry, are cracking, or are even showing signs of aging. The nourishing blend of antioxidants and vitamins works to protect your skin against free radicals, which can damage cells, and also helps your skin win the fight against visible signs of aging. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is vibrant skin!

Get our tough hands cream if you think that your skin is beyond repair. Our tested and proven products will hydrate even the driest of hands! You will be left with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, just like that.

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