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A skin lightening cream or brightening serum is a therapy designed to lessen the harsh effects of overpigmentation caused by age spots, scarring, freckling, liver spots or other blotchy and melasma marking. Although not an essential part of every skin care regime, many find skin lightening creams fundamental to a beauty routine that tackles more difficult elements of aging or damaged skin.

Overpigmentation can be a result of many causes, and can manifest not only as discolouration and patchiness but as rough or uneven skin, ashy and generally unhealthy looking areas. A brightening serum can help manage and lessen the unsightly effects of acne scars or liver spots, and a good skin lightening cream will fit naturally into your existing skin care regime without harsh ingredients or unpleasant side effects.

At Skin Matrix, we’ve selected our range of skin lightening creams on the basis of their health benefits as well as social consciousness and environmental commitments. You’ll find a therapy that’s as good for the world around you, as it is for you and your skin.

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