Skin Matrix stocks a vast range of hydrating toners from the leading brands, including Thalgo, Hydro Peptide, Eco Tan, Societe, Cosmedix, Skin Matrix, Grown Alhemist, Sircuit Skin and many more, perfect for all skin types at the best prices.

Hydrating toners comprise nourishing ingredients and a small amount of gentle chemical exfoliants like AHAs or PHAs. And some toners contain hydrating elements to keep the skin moist and plump. Hydrating toners can include Glycerine, Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, Amino Acids, various antioxidants and other ingredients.

These toners will provide the skin with moisture, help retain water, and fortify your skin barrier. Whether it is dry skin, sensitive skin, or a combination skin type, hydrating toners will suit all skin types.

Facial toner for women eliminates any last traces of dirt and impurities trapped in the pores after washing the face. Adding hydrating toner to your daily skincare routine can improve the appearance and tightness of your pores and is ideal for ageing skin.

How Should I Use Hydrating Toner?

If you have oily or combination skin, you should use alcohol-free toner twice, during the daytime and night. And if you have dry skin, use hydrating toner only once a day, preferably at night. After applying hydrating toner, always moisturise your skin with a moisturiser for your skin type.

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