Natural Face Masks

Face masks are a wide range of therapies that tackle different skin care issues with different approaches and formulations, but revolve around the action of soothing or active balms and lotions that are spread onto the skin and left for a period of time before being washed off.

Many face masks are designed to clean, invigorate and refresh tired or damaged skin, and particularly oily and greasy skin or skin that’s prone to break outs. Other face masks are targeted at healing distressed, irritated or inflamed skin and the conditions that cause it, while still others are soothing and calming balms that provide topical relief.

Our range of natural face masks are gentle, welcoming, and scientifically formulated to improve the health of your skin while working as beauty therapies. We prefer suppliers who love the environment as much as we do, so you can love your natural face masks while loving the planet too.

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