Natural Face Oil

A face oil or natural oil based face scrub can be a wonderful additional to your skin care regime, adding essential plant properties and soothing essences to your routine without any harmful artificial chemicals. Face oil will contain organic antioxidants, nutrients and hydrative agents based on botanical, herbal, floral and vegetable extracts and compounds.

They should heal damaged and scarred skin; promote strong new growth of the lower layers; deter wrinkling and the effects of aging; and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised!

At Skin Matrix, we love our organic produce and prefer stockists who are environmentally aware as well as health- and beauty-conscious. When it comes to our face oil range, you’ll find a carefully curated assortment that combines the best of health properties with a natural cosmetic bent and a hint of decadent luxury! Perfect as gifts or to enjoy yourself, a face oil is perfect addition to any skin care routine.

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