Aspect Skin Care Kits

The Aspect range is a huge and all-encompassing collection that covers everything thing from blushing and irritable skin, to whitening formulas, surgical aftercare, anti aging and more. In addition, there’s a nice selection of daily care and common problem items including oil fighters, cleansers and moisturisers, as well as some enriched lotions and serums for extra bounce.

The Aspect kits in our curated Skin Matrix collection cover specific needs like age management and problem skin, as well as basics like a starter kit and a Teen Aspect kit. The Teen Aspect kit is particularly recommended with all the needs for teenagers’ skin type, including cleansers and toners, but without going overboard and overexposing them to unnecessary products.

Like all our curated items, Aspect kits are health as well as beauty conscious, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Enjoy these great skin care kits guilt-free!

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