To Squeeze or not to Squeeze. That is the multimillion dollar question!
Well coming from a Qualified Paramedical Aesthetician .... I advise against squeezing your spots.
I know it is hard when you have one ... right there ... that you MUST get rid of before your big date tonight, but let me tell you. It is so much harder to conceal a spot that has been squeezed than a spot that hasn't.
Lets look at some reasons why:
1) So you do not cross infect/contaminate the acne p bacteria and spread it to another area on the face. At Skin Matrix, my skin care clinic, we make sure this doesn't happen. We wear gloves, we sanitize the area before and after the extractions.
squeezing pimples
2) It is highly possible that you will not extract the entire pimple. Especially if it is a new one. There is generally a lot of inflammation around the spot when it is new. It is sore and raised/inflammed. If you leave the spot for another 1-2 days (I know it is hard) but if you can, the spot will usually reduce in size and be ripe for your aesthetician to extract it for you.If you don't get it all out, guess what ... it will return and usually angrier than before.
3) Chances of scarring are very high when you extract pimples yourself. This is because, believe it or not, Aestheticians are trained in extracting! We have a technique and it works. Don't ruin your skin by trying to do it yourself. At Skin Matrix we are all trained in extraction techniques and I have to say, it is one of my specialties! If you do encounter scarring from your acne, please don't be concerned, there are fabulous and very successful treatments available to us now to improve the appearance of scarring.
4) You may squeeze spots that didn't need squeezing at all. At Skin Matrix or at your local Aesthetician, they will determine which spots need squeezing and which ones don't. There is not point extracting these if it is not required. There are occasions where blemishes disappear on their own, with no extractions required. That is good news for you! I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.
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