When to start an anti-ageing regime?

Many of my new clients who come to me in their 20's think they are too young to start an anti-ageing program. Not so!
Did you know that our collagen peaks around the age of 25, thereafter these amazing proteins that support our dermal matrix go into a slow decline?

So, why not ride the wave as I say and encourage healthy collagen function from your mid 20's?
Prior to the age of 25, a good cleanser, moisturiser, sunblock and exfoliator is all one needs. If you really love your products you can add in an antioxidant serum to protect against daily free radical damage.
Once you turn 25, introduce a night time repair product that contains Vitamin A either in the form of retinol or retinaldehyde. These 2 forms of Vitamin A will work best for anti-ageing and collagen production.

Why Vitamin A?
Vitamin A is the most powerful ingredient for stimulating collagen synthesis, it also repairs DNA damage, is a fabulous anti-oxidant, controls excessive oil flow, minimizes pores and speeds up cellular turnover whilst assisting with breakouts and improving general skin smoothness. If you want "the glow" get yourself a good vitain A product, but be careful in the sun! If you are a sun bunny, stop usage in summer as you will burn much quicker. My preference is to use vitamin A in summer, but wear a hat and spf daily.

A preventative healthy skin care regime will deliver far better results long term than trying to catch up later down the track.
Remember fillers and botox will not prevent ageing, unfortunately we will all age. The best we can do is look after the integrity of our skin, feed and nurture it and it will reward you. Protect it from the sun and start an anti-ageing regime in your mid 20's.

If you are 30 years old or more, do not fret! I have some fabulous case studies of clients who have embarked on an anti-ageing regime 60+ who love their skin to bits. Their skin glows, is healthy and radiates a healthy skin matrix. No matter your age, it is never to late to to start an quality anti-ageing regime.


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