We always hear how good vitamins are for us; eat this fruit and that vegetable. I know that vitamins are important for internal health, but what about vitamins for glowing skin?

Let’s take a look at each vitamin that are best for skin health. Firstly, I need to start with a bit of the science stuff, for some background knowledge, to why vitamins for skin are vital.

Vitamin A, B, C & E are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are micronutrients, which are important for life, they fight and protect the human body from free radicals. Free radicals are destructive, unstabilised molecules. We are exposed to free radical damage in everyday life, with many environmental factors, such as air pollution, stress, cigarette smoke, air-conditioning, to name a few.

Therefore, causing our biggest fears of the skin prematurely aging, those dreaded lines and wrinkles, sunspots and pigmentations. Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, so there is a lot of area to protect and look after, that we need to be responsible for.

Vitamins are not only important for internal health through food, but also from topical applications, to get external skin health aesthetically. Therefore, it is essential to use good products, with active rich vitamins for skin daily, aimed at maintenance and protection.

Viatmin A

Vitamin A is essential for life, referred to as Retinoids, they are; retinol, retinal, retinoic acid or retinyl ester. It is fat-soluble, this means it needs the dietary fat and the bile to be broken down for absorption, and then to be stored in the body, such as in the liver and body fats called adipose tissues.

When we lack vitamin A, our skin gets dry and flaky, this is because retinol for skin assists in regulating oil flow, due to supporting the sebaceous gland that stores and makes the oil which is called sebum. Retinol for skin assists in anti-aging, cell support and maintaining our skins structure as it strengthens the collagen and elastin.

We love the vitamin A cream and Serums containing retinol for skin, such as our Skin Matrix Rebuild Serum, the Aspect Retinol Brulee and Osmosis Renew Serum.

Skin Matrix Rebuild Serum (pictured below) supports collagen and elastin production, it helps cell regeneration, therefore keeping the skin plump and hydrated, it has great healing benefits, so that is fantastic for those lines and wrinkles we all want to keep at bay.

Vitamin A is best used at night, this is due to making the skin photosensitive, which means it can become a bit sensitive to the sun, due to this it is very important we use sunscreen every day, such as the Societe Prime and Defend SPF 30. At night your body is at rest, so this is an excellent time to let the retinol for skin do its job on the cells, to strengthen and repair.


Vitamin B

There are eight B Vitamins, we hear them referred to as the B-group (or B-complex) vitamins. They play a key role in DNA production and energy for life, therefore supporting cell division, which is the construction of new cells, that is medically called mitosis.

The best B vitamin for the skin is B3 called Niacinamide or also referred to as Niacin. It can improve so many skin conditions ranging from Aging, sun damaged, dry skin, acne, eczema and dermatitis to name a few, the list goes on. We can understand why niacinamide is a must have vitamin for glowing skin. When we do not have enough vitamin B, our skin tends to go red and become sensitive, leaving cracks and lines.

Vitamin B helps carry oxygen to and from the cells for waste removal, so when deficient, the skin also becomes sluggish.

Excellent skin treatment must haves, that I love containing niacinamide is Skin Matrix IQ Serum, Aspect Extreme B and Alpha H Vitamin B (pictured below).

Vitamin C

Amazing healing and protection for the skin, all round amazing Vitamins for the skin. Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C, it has many functions that are vital for health and skin. It protects us from free radical damage, preventing oxidation damage to parts of the cells.

Working with the skin, by building connective tissue, stimulating collagen and assisting in wound healing. Vitamin C also supports the immune system and disables histamines, therefore reducing any inflammation.

Amazing C also aids in storing Iron and strengthens blood capillaries and when taken together with other vitamins, such as Vitamin E, it boosts their properties. When the skin has no Vitamin C support, it causes premature aging, due to weakening of the collagen. It also slows down healing and repair of the skin, because the lack of ascorbic acid effects the capillaries that supply nutrients, therefore the skin can bruise easily, and the damage repair slows down.

You will love the vitamin C serum that Skin Matrix has, called the Skin Perfection Serum, you name it and it does it for the skin, protection, repair, antiaging and hydration to name a few amazing benefits of these vitamins for the skin. I also love Cosmedix Pure C Crystals (pictured below) and Osmosis Catalyst AC-11.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a superstar in itself! It is very healing, prevents scaring, with anti-inflammatory properties. It is so important for protecting the cell membrane and DNA, protecting the skin from external factors such as free radicals. Making the skin GLOW!!!

Without E vitamins for skin, very dry and rough areas can develop, the skin would be damaged with its healing functions reduced. Free radical damage happens with no protection from Vitamin E. It is vital for skin health, to have a home maintenance program with products containing Vitamin E, such as Alpha H Vitamin E Serum.

This is why I love, the Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum (pictured below) as it truly is the all in one serum, containing so much yummy goodness for the skin. You can incorporate these vitamins for glowing skin into your daily skin regime easily, using professional product recommended by your skin specialist at skin matrix.

Vitamin A best used at night and Vitamins B, C and E during the day to protect and repair. As specified above in the products I love, most of these vitamins are found in the active ingredients and using a serum and moisturiser containing the vitamins for skin make it easy to cover everything you need for your home maintenance between professional treatments.

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