What are the best skincare products for your skin?
Are Department Store sold products the same as Cosmeceuticals?
Sick of wasting money on $$$$ products?


As with many of my new clients who come to me, many believe (through savvy product marketing) the MORE you $$ on skincare the better the results ..... unfortunately, this is more often not the case.

Just like the consumer has become ingredient savvy with the food we purchase, we need to become ingredient savvy with the skincare we purchase. Sure it is lovely and indulgent to purchase that luxurious smelling night cream from the department store for over $300, which is a beautiful cocktail of preservatives, parabens, SLS and super long words that are hard to pronounce which surely cannot be of benefit to my skin. But ask yourself this question with every purchase ..... what will the product DO for my skin?

As I do with all of my clients, I educate them as to WHY they are using the products they are using and what benefits this product will deliver. That is what a trained skincare expert can do for you. Unravel the mystery of the skincare code and cut through the marketing hype and jargon out there and save yourself some serious $$.

The most important information one must know is the difference between a Cosmetic and a Cosmeceutical Product.
Department sold products are classified as a "Cosmetic" which by definition means: a powder, lotion, lipstick, rouge, or other preparation for beautifying the face, skin, hair, nails, etc. Only 2% of a cosmetic will penetrate the skin if that! AND the bombardment of chemicals and nasties actually create a sensitive, reactive skin, the opposite of what we are after. 

Whereas a Cosmeceutical refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals have biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits. They are designed to penetrate the epidermis to create a biological action in the skin. They are formulated with a delivery mechanism such as peptides or phosphatidylcholine that are designed to propel ingredients deep into the skin where they are utilized and processed.

Cosmeceutical products deliver vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and minerals into the skin to treat all skin conditions. They support, strengthen and nurture the skin and this is shown with visible results. Most actives in a Cosmetic will be hard reaching 1% whereas a cosmeceutical can get above 10% for a specific ingredient.

For eg, Niacinamide or B3 is proven to treat acne, be a skin lightener, powerful antioxidant, and collagen stimulator, but only when in a formulation of OVER 5%. Mainstream products typically contain 1% or less for their actives. Our Skin Matrix IQ Serum was formulated with over 15% therefore achieving an effect in the skin that is measurable and visible. 

I remember the first time I was trained with a Cosmeceutical Brand MANY years ago ... Cosmedix. I thought WOW a range that FINALLY does what is said it will do. I was so excited and enthusiastic that I could recommend a brand with my hand on my heart and be excited for visible results to come and a satisfied client = very rewarding. This is when I made the shift from selling to clients, to educating clients.
I found my love of cosmetic chemistry and learned the range inside out. I have been fascinated with ingredients ever since.

Now I only work with Cosmeceuticals and so much so, I have now combined my knowledge and trial and testing over the years to create the Skin Matrix Cosmeceutical Brand.

My clients who use high-end luxury brands make a real mental shift once the experience the effectiveness of a cosmeceutical. 

They are science-driven, not hype-driven. The results do all the talking needed, this is why Cosmeceuticals are growing at such a rapid rate. We want more from our skincare, the consumer demands results, and to enjoy the process along the way without being conned into some marketing song.

Skin Matrix is a collaboration of the finest Cosmeceuticals to treat all skincare concerns. If you are looking for skin correction, maximum anti-aging strategy and achieving the best skin you can put forward, convert to the world of Cosmeceuticals and I assure you, you will never go back!

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