If there is one area of our world that can quick become a little fuzzy, it is definitely the world of skincare. We are always reading different articles and seeing different products that always sound amazing, but how did we know if we really need them in our daily routines? Should we buy them all, just one, or none! The truth is, this answer will be different for everyone depending on your age, skin type and skin concerns. Skincare can quickly become overwhelming. If there is too much to remember, or to do each morning and night, we tend to skip steps, or worse still just not bother. This is why it can be a great idea to establish a basic routine to begin with, that once you are comfortable with doing, you can start adding to. This will also keep your skincare exciting.

So, what are the basic steps we should all be doing everyday?

If I was to break it down into essential " must dos " it would definitely be Cleanse, moisturise, eye cream and sunscreen. Lets look into each of these steps in a little more detail.


Cleansing is one of the most important steps of your routine. It is also important that you are using the correct cleanser for your skin type. We need to make sure that we are not using a product that is too drying, as this can impair the skins barrier making it vulnerable and can minimise the absorption of your active ingredients. Using a cleanser that is too harsh can strip your natural oils, which can contribute to increased oil production, leading to more breakouts! Find yourself a gentle cleanser that will remove makeup, and cleanse the skin without altering your skins PH levels. We love Skin Matirx Balance Cleasner a gentle water-based cleanser with a fresh, light texture to help remove excess oil and surface impurities. Leaves the skin feeling clean and comfortably hydrated whilst soothing the skin and healing blemishes. Or Eco Sonya Citrus Cleanser, An extraordinary super blend of Certified organic Aloe, Lemongrass & Caviar Lime to deeply cleanse and help regenerate the skin for a smoother and more even complexion


How to cleanse

It is important to cleanse morning and night. One cleanse is fine in the morning to remove any cellular waste that has been produced overnight, however a double cleanse is a must at night. The first cleanse will cleanse off the day, and the second will cleanse the skin. Cleansing can be done either in the shower, or at the basin and removed with a warm washer.

Eye cream

Available in both cream and gel formulas, an eye cream is a very important step in our daily routine. The delicate skin around our eyes is much finer than the rest of our face, which makes it more susceptible to ageing. Often the moisturisers that we use on our faces are made using much larger molecules than and eye cream that the eye tissue can not absorb. This is why it is important to use a specified product for the eyes, which will make sure the ingredient goodness is getting to where it needs to be and not just sitting on the surface.

How to apply eye cream

After cleansing and before your moisturiser, gently press a small amount of product to the eye area using your fingertips. Apply morning and night under the eyes, to the side ( out to the hairline ) and above, going up to your brow. Some eye creams can also be applied to the eye lids, but please be sure you know if this is safe for your product before trying. Osmosis Refresh is a powerful eye serum utilises ingredients that work with the skin to effectively reduce puffiness, lines, and dark circles. Another beautiful product is Grown Alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream an advanced eye cream formulated to improve the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity around the eye while also reducing dark circles and puffiness.


It is very important to make sure that your skin is hydrated. Your moisturiser will provide the skin with much needed moisture that the cells need to function. If your skin is dehydrated it will not absorb your active serums ( when you add them to your routine ) properly. Dehydrated skin is unhappy skin, so be sure to moisturise morning and night! Moisturisers can also contain lots of juicy actives too, so depending on your age, and concerns, make sure you find the right moisturiser for your skin. This can take a little time, and guidance, so be sure to reach out if you have any questions. A couple of moisturises that will address your hydration and are suitable for most skin types are the hemp drop Probiotic Moisturiser a super light yet deeply hydrating moisturiser that won't clog your pores and is perfect for all skin types. Or, Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream A nourishing, non-greasy facial moisturiser that noticeably improves skin hydration levels, without leaving residual oil or shine on the skin.

How to moisturise

After cleansing and your eye cream, gently apply a small amount to your face and neck. Be careful not to pull the skin too much, a pressing motion will help to minimise this.


Sunscreen should be applied every day as the final step of your skincare routine. Even if it is overcast outside or you're spending much of the day inside, it is still crucial to protect your precious skin against UV radiation. These harmful rays are not only present on a warm summer's day but are also lingering and can damage skin when the weather is cool, or there is cloud cover. Try a moisturising sunscreen like Zinky which is super hydrating while protecting your skin with its hero ingredient zinc oxide. Another fave of mine is Osmosis Protect, an ultra sheer and ultra light formulation.

Make skincare enjoyable, not a chore by making it super easy. It will not be long, and you will be doing these few short steps easily, and you can look to add some fun, active serums. This too is not difficult, its just all about making it a habit. Like brushing your teeth! Soon, no matter how many steps your routine takes, you will be doing it with ease. Next time, in Part 2, we will talk about taking your routine to the next step. How to introduce your exfoliant, mask and active serums. You will be a skincare professional and your skin glowing in no time!




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