Mmmm is it water?? Let's see ...... This is a perfect topic to discuss as we are now in the middle of winter. Dry, itchy skin can be annoying and frustrating. Why does our skin itch in Winter? Crepey skin can age us 10+ years, so lets look at 5 top ways to keep our skin hydrated not only in the Winter but year round.

1. Have a diet rich in EFA - essential fatty acids These "essential" fatty acids are found within the skin and need to be replenished through our diet on a daily basis. If you want luminous skin, this is the most important point for you. There are two major types of omega-3 fatty acids in our diets: One type is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is found in some vegetable oils, such as soybean, rapeseed (canola), and flaxseed, and in walnuts. ALA is also found in some green vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, and salad greens. The other type, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is found in fatty fish. The body partially converts ALA to EPA and DHA.

2. Exfoliate the Skin Time after time I see clients who have dry skin who totally forget to exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin will: allow products to penetrate deeper, remove dead cells enabling your moisturisers and serums to penetrate deeper and hydrate the skin on a deeper level. Exfoliating will also make the skin look alive and fresh.

3. Use hydrating ingredients in your Serums and Moisturisers. Hyalauronic Acid is one of my favourite ingredients and you can find it in my Skin Perfection Serum. Hyalauronic Acid will hold its weight 1,000 times in the skin attracting water to it and not letting it go. Ideal for a dry skin don't you think? Other hydrating ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil, linoleic and oleic acids as found in the Osmosis Immerse Serum.                

4. Do not over use AHA's and harsh exfoliating treatments Yes I recommend we all exfoliate our skin, but within reason. Too often I have clients who come to me with stripped skin's from the over use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's). If you purchase your skin care not from a skin care professional just be aware of how easy it is to go for the "pore cleansing" "oil free" products which can be damaging for the skin when overused! Even if you visit an Aesthetician for one consultation to get a skin diagnosis, then you will be less likely to purchase the wrong products for your skin type. Try the Skin Matrix AHA Exfoliator, its gentle and wont cause issues. 

5. Drink plenty of water Yes no.5 on my list and that is being generous! It could even go further back on my list but I wanted to stress the importance of water for the 5 reasons below as this has an enormous effect on the skin. A healthy sedentary adult living in a temperate climate should still drink 1.5 litres of water per day. But this threshold of drinking water is primarliry to enable the balance of water losses and keep ones body properly hydrated. Water is a major constituent of our bodies and vital organs. It provides five vital functions in our body: Cell life, Chemical and metabolic reactions, Transport of nutrients, Body temperature regulation, Elimination of waste But humans aren't like plants. Our skin doesn't perk up when we consume water, says Katie Rodan, a dermatologist in the San Francisco Bay area and a coauthor of Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change. In fact, when you ingest it, water doesn't go straight to the skin, she says. It goes through the intestines, gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and is filtered by kidneys. Then it hydrates cells. When it comes to moisturizing skin, drinking water falls short. Hence no. 5 on my list. On that note, how many do you drink a day?

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