Let’s talk ageing skin and remind ourselves what the visible signs of ageing are and what you may be starting to see and feel on your own skin. 

Generally speaking, ageing can be caused by intrinsic (natural genetic ageing) and extrinsic (external) ageing. Extrinsic ageing accounts for increased premature ageing and ageing concerns.

Here's what happens with ageing skin:

  • Collagen and elastin break down and enzymes like collagenase and elastase enzymes activated by UV exposure for example will start to break down collagen and elastin. The result is that we will start to see fine lines and wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Cell renewal slows and we lose skin luminosity which results in dull skin texture. We also experience less natural moisturising factors being produced in the skin and this can leave you with a decreased barrier function and sensitivities.
  • Sun damage occurs from those times when we have overexposed our skin to the sun and will result in uneven skin tone, sunspots, and increased skin laxity.
  • Oil production slows down, and the epidermis becomes thinner over time, and we can experience more dryness. 

Other ageing factors include:

  • Environmental triggers like sun exposure.
  • Oxidative Stress and free radical damage (our bodies own antioxidant molecules decrease with age).
  • Skin inflammation with both internal i.e., medication, immunity, infection and external i.e., sun, reactions, and infection playing a part in increased ageing.
  • Glycation occurs when sugars collide with proteins for example collagen which create crosslinking and hardening of collagen fibres creating wrinkling in the skin.
  • Telomere shortening with research showing that telomeres are related to the ageing process so keeping telomeres healthy and nourished is an important factor in skin ageing.


What does an ageing skin need?

  • Nourishment, to help with the barrier function of the skin.
  • Topical antioxidants to scavenge and quench free radicals within the skin.
  • Promotion of collagen synthesis.
  • Increasing and encouragement of cell turnover.
  • Protecting and boosting.
  • Brightening and refining.

Help target ageing with Biologi Bm Regenerate and Bk Rejuvenate Serums.

Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum: aims to target ageing with our single plant serum-containing Mountain Pepper Berry (sourced from Tasmania, Australia). The Phyto-actives found within the Mountain Pepper Berry aim to increase hydration by binding water molecules, helping to control the breakdown of collagen to increase collagen synthesis and fighting against free radical damage to prevent oxidative stress.  
Bk Rejuvenation Serum: contains phyto-actives found within the Kakadu Plum Extract, specifically Vitamin C delivered in the plants liquid matrix that can help boost collagen synthesis, suppleness of the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful active nutrients also help skin combat damage from harmful UV rays providing antioxidant protection and enhanced skin brightening.

All Biologi serums contain vital micronutrients like Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Manganese which help provide healthy skin tissue, antioxidant protection, support collagen and elastin production, and help with reinforcement for the skin barrier and hydration.

How can I use the Bm & Bk in my regime?

  • When starting off with Biologi we recommend only start with 1 serum for a week, then you can introduce the 2nd serum thereafter. For example, if you love using your sunscreen in the morning you could start with the Bm serum of a night for a week, then the 2nd week you can use the Bk serum in the morning followed by your sunscreen. Then the Bm serum of a night. (note Bk serum is called Rejuvenating Eye Serum - this serum was initially designed for the eye area, but as the Biologi range has developed Bk can be used all over the face for its Vitamin C benefits - this more than likely will have a name change at some point to Rejuvenating Serum)


Then to step up your Biologi regime, incorporate the following for these ageing skin concerns:


  • Day 1: BQK morning and evening serum.
  • Day 2: Bm morning and night.
  • Or Bk morning + Bm evening.

Ageing skin & sensitivity

  • Day 1: Bf morning and night.
  • Day 2: Bm morning and night.
  • Alternatively: Bf morning and Bm evening 

For the delicate eye area, we recommend using: Bk am & pm

Premature and ageing skin

  • Day 1: Bm morning and night
  • Day 2: Bk morning and night
  • Alternatively: Bm morning and Bk night.


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If you need help with choosing the correct Biologi serum for your skincare concerns, please talk to one of our qualified team members today at sales@skinmatrix.com.au



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