There are so many anti-ageing potions and lotions on the market today it is quite overwhelming to decide which products will suit your skin best whilst giving you maximum anti-ageing benefits. Why do we even need to use an Anti-Ageing serum? We need to first understand why we need to use such a serum before we look in to which one is right for our skin.

First of all, an anti-ageing serum needs to protect the cell from the daily onslaught of cellular damage. In this case, an Antioxidant Serum is the type of serum your skin needs to protect the cell from damage. We want our cells to be healthy so when they replicate they replicate as healthy, complete cells with no DNA damage.
An antioxidant serum is commonly used in the day. One would cleanse, apply an antioxidant serum, moisturiser and sun protection. (Eye cream can also be used for those that are addicted to daily eye love for softening fine lines around the eyes, dark circles etc.) Make sure you include Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (or niacinamide) for their amazing cell protective qualities against UV damage. Pomegranate Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin E, and CoQ10 are all fabulous ingredients to look out for in your antioxidant serum.
Another aspect of antioxidant serums are serums that assist in reducing inflammation in the skin. Inflammation is the second largest cause of ageing after UV exposure. Our body is in a constant state of being oxidized as we go through our daily activities. Antioxidant serums reduce inflammation in the skin and give strength for when the skin goes through its healing phase in the early hours of the morning. This is why using antioxidant serums in the morning and repairing and healing serums of an evening is the perfect routine for anyone embarking on an anti-ageing regime.

Our favourite Antioxidant Serums are:

Skin Matrix IQ Serum
Aspect Extreme C
Aspect Extreme B
Osmosis Replenish
Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum
PCA C and E Strength Serum

Our favourite serum that focuses solely on reducing inflammation in the skin:
Osmosis Rescue

Secondly an anti-ageing serum needs to be able to repair the cell that have been damaged. Our skin heals most effectively in the wee hours of the morning so ensuring one gets enough sleep and uses a repair serum such as a retinol serum is crucial in strengthening the integrity of the skin. Retinol Serums assist in increasing and regulating cellular turnover, ensuring products can penetrate to the layers that matter as fresh young healthy cells rise to the surface. Retinol Serums also have the ability to repair cellular DNA damage incurred from oxidative stress. Retinol Serums control our oil glands so are effective for those suffering breakouts as well as increasing collagen production for those interested in smoothing fine lines and improving the skins texture and tone.

Our favourite Retinol Serums are:

Cosmedix Define and Refine
Skin Matrix Rebuild and Rebuild Plus



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