Spring is here and for those that don't splash the SPF on all year round Spring is a turn key season for thinking about wearing an SPF daily coming into the warmer months. I have my top pick sunscreens that I swear by all year round that I just cannot do without. If you do not currenly wear an spf on your face all year round here are some reasons why you should think about wearing one here on it 365 days a year:

~ mineral sunscreens (the non chemical ones) do not cause breakouts

~ mineral sunscreens don't have to feel greasy and heavy, you won't even know you are wearing the ones I suggest below

~ 95% of the UV rays are UVA - a lot of chemical sunscreens only protect you from UVB - the burning ray. Mineral sunscreens containing in particular zinc oxide will protect you from UVA and UVB. Whats the fuss about UVA? - it ages you! It goes straight for your collagen and breaks it down, literally.

~ You can still get your daily dose of Vitamin D with no fuss if you wear a mineral sunscreen on the face daily. You only need (pending your skin type) 15-30 mins of sun to achieve your vitamin D, on areas where no sunscreen is applied. Read more on vitamin D in our sun and Vitamin D blog.

I can go on about UV and sunscreen but I really want to share with you my top must have sunscreens this Summer.

Osmosis Protect SPF 30 - by far my favourite sunscreen on the entire earth. You wouldn't know it was a sunscreen unless I told you as it feels just like a moisturiser. It is creamy, nourishing, goes on smoothly and contains lots of Zinc Oxide! Just to let you know the only thing to remember when using a mineral sunscreen is that it will come off when you go swimming or undertake heavy exercise. So either reapply or use the below waterproof option. Osmosis Protect will not cause breakouts, so perfect for teens as an all in one daily moisturiser with SFF.

I use Osmosis Protect on my face, neck and decolletage every day.

Invisible Zinc SPF 50 - I use the Invisible Zinc Face and Body daily, so from Decolletage down, usually on the arms daily to prevent sun spots on the arms. If I am swimming I will use the Invisible Zinc SPF 50 water resistant sunscreen, as this seems to be the best non chemical sunscreen that I have found so far that is water resistant. It has a massive 27% zinc oxide in there and will protect you not only from burning - UVB, but from collagen breakdown - UVA.

To get your Vitamin D fix, expose your arms, legs, torso (preferably not the face) for 15-30 mins only a day without sunscreen.

We also love the newly stocked Little Urchin Sunscreen range, which you can shop here.

Learn more on Vitamin D and absorption here.

Read More on Our Blog: 4 Sunscreen Facts You Need To Know


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