Acne scars can be just as frustrating as having acne. Acne scars come in many different forms but can be broken down into 3 categories when shopping for acne scarring products.

Macular scarring responds well to acne scarring products, indented forms of acne scarring will take longer to respond to acne scarring products, but I have seen positive results with certain products as recommeded below. In clinic treatments will also speed up the process. The last category, raised acne scarring will not respond to acne products. In clinic treatments are needed.  

Let have a look at the 3 main acne scarring types and the best acne products to use with corresponding treatments  

If the scar is red (vascular) it is called a macular scar. These products have assisted my clients over the years with macular scarring.  

Osmosis Rescue – this is an  epidermal repair serum that assist in the healing of macular acne scars. It reduces inflammation in the skin and allows the skin to heal and repair. This acne product also targets breakouts as well.  

osmosis rescue

Osmosis Clarify Serum – this acne scarring product is a blend of Vitamin A and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Vitamin A rebuilds the collagen and dermal layer which transpires to the epidermis. Like the Osmosis Rescue this acne product will assist in clearing blemishes as well as macular or vascular scarring.

Cosmedix Define – a synergy of Vitamin A and fruit acids rebuilds the dermal layer whilst refreshing and soothing the skins surface. Cellular turnover speeds up the healing process of acne scarring.  

Skin Matrix AHA Exfoliating Scrub – fruit acids and jojoba beads remove dead skin cell, encourage cellular turnover and promote a healthy skin. 

Skin Matrix BTB Serum – this acne product will target existing breakouts as well as stimulate skin renewal, keep pores clean and clear and the skins surface fresh and bright.  

The more we can encourage cellular turnover with macular scarring the better. For stubborn macular scarring one can consider acne scarring treatments such as RF (radio frequency), Banish the Blemish Facial, OxygeneO+ Facial and Vitamin A AHA Peels.  

The other form of acne scarring are indented forms of scarring such as box scars – shallow to medium scarring with defined edges, ice pick acne scars – deep and narrow scars as small as an icepick, rolling scars – undulations and depressions on the skin, and enlarged pores.

These acne scarring products have assisted my clients in smoothing, softening and visibly reducing the appearance of their acne scars. The deeper the scar, the longer the results time. To speed up the process, book in for one of our in clinic acne scarring treatments.  

Cosmedix Define/Refine/Defy 

Skin Matrix Rebuild and Rebuild Plus and IQ Serum

Osmosis Correct/StemFactor/Renew/Clarify/ Catalyst AC-11

The above acne scarring products contain Vitamin A and are designed to rebuild and stimulate the dermal layer of the skin to improve the appearance of scarring. Smooth the surface of the skin and thicken the dermal layer. The skins texture, tone and clarity is improved. Acne scarring is softened over time. 

These acne scarring products are also our hero anti-ageing products – so these are long term products that one can use to improve the appearance of acne scarring and the skins texture.

In Clinic Treatments for indented forms of acne scarring would entail: Skin Needling and/or RF (radio frequency). Some acne scars may require dermal punch excision to release the anchor that is depressing the scar or other acne treatments such as CO2 Laser, or Dermal Fillers  

The 3rd form of acne scarring are keloid scars or hypertrophic scarring caused by acne. A keloid scar is a  raised, red, nodule scar that forms at the site of injury. Even once the wound is closed and healed the skin continues to produce cells resulting in a raised nodule. Hypertrophic acne scars are more common than a keloid, they don't get as big and can fade over time. Acne scarring products are not effective on these types of acne scars. Steroid injections can help a keloid to reduce in size over months, but there is no set cure for this type of scar. Sometimes a keloid can produce more scar tissue if treated.

Not sure which products are right for you? 

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