The search for an effective and natural looking concealer to conceal blemishes that won’t a) break the budget b) clog pores and cause breakouts and c) take way too long to apply and get the right finish is a long quest undertaken by many.

Concealers can assist in creating a flawless finish to the skin. Concealers cover skin imperfections such as pigmentation, acne, post acne marks – macules, dark circles under the eyes and an uneven skin tone. My biggest tip for anyone reading this who has acne and is looking to conceal blemishes, I encourage you to investigate your make up brand that you are using. Is it a mineral make up brand? Does it contain common ingredients such as mineral oil and talc that are known to clog pores and cause further breakouts? Keep in mind, a brand can call their concealer a mineral concealer, but unfortunately if they have a (1) mineral in there, they can call it a mineral concealer. However, it may also contain other non-mineral ingredients such as talc that are notorious for clogging pores and causing more breakouts. Save time and breakouts by doing your research on which concealer is the healthiest and most enjoyable to use in the sense it covers just as you want it to and you love using it. 

I have some suggestions below for reputable mineral make up brands. We only stock mineral make up brands as these products allow the skin to breathe and do not cause any adverse reactions unlike traditional chemical makeup. Plus they are so lovely to use!

1) Jane Iredale BB Cream Glow Time: Even thought this isn’t marketed as a concealer I have this one in at number 1 because on many occasions clients have asked for something to conceal blemishes at the end of their skin treatment. Instead of reaching for a concealer and applying it on the areas that require attention, I go for a fantastic all over product first. I have found that after applying the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB cream to the entire face, many of the blemishes have been concealed to my client’s satisfaction. At the same time, their entire skin looks even in skin tone, has a beautiful glow to it and they have a SPF25 coverage as well. This is a great all in one product that I recommend for those clients who want an all in one product. I use the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream instead of using an additional concealer under my eyes for my dark circles, I just apply a little more BB Cream under eyes after the first initial coverage if need be. I find it conceals to my liking and I do not need an additional product. You could also do this for any other type of blemish, such as acne or pigmentation. Please note that you onyl need a small amount and a moist skin to apply the BB cream as it needs slip to apply perfectly. You can also use this product as a spot cover without the full face application.

jane iredale bb cream

2) The Youngblood Ultimate Concealer: I find this the creamiest and smoothest concealer to apply. I use my fingertips but you could a Concealer Brush. You can apply under or over foundation. I would apply this under pressed or loose powder. What I love about the Youngblood Concealer is that it does not dry nor sit in creases of the skin making the skin look dry and wrinkly.

youngblood ultimate concealer

3) Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer: What I love about this concealer is that it has 2 shades in every pot, you can blend 2 shades together to get the perfect colour match and use the lighter one for highlighting. Apply with fingers or a brush. I find fingers warm the product up and allows for a quicker and more effective cover. Choose circle delete 2 if your main concern is covering a bluey tinge under the eyes. The pink cancels out the blue hue under the eyes and the lighter shade I use under the brow to highlight.


4) Osmosis Age Defying Concealer: This ingenious idea combines a hydration stick on one end and a concealer wand on the other. Use the hydration stick to soften fine lines around eye and mouth area whilst the concealer effectively conceals pigmentation, blemishes and redness.


5) I am a big fan of the Jane Iredale Purepressed Mineral Powder. Just a little applied after foundation and/or concealer gives the skin a uniformity that will not look dry or cakey. No talc in this or any of the jane Iredale products, so rest assured this product will not age you 10 years upon application like other talc powders do. Give your skin a kiss of life and a glow with a whisk over the skin with one of the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder shades. Many clients also use this instead of a foundation.

jane iredale pressed powder


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