The beautiful thing about time is that it allows us to make mistakes and then never make them again! I have compiled my favourite list of beauty lessons that we have learnt from over the years.
There is so much information out there today readily available, it is fun and exciting to try lots of different methods, products and styles, but these core beauty mistakes are ones to keep in mind.

Beauty Mistake No. 1 – Visible Make Up Line

This one can get you if you are not on your guard when purchasing new make up. Try new make up on in natural light as well as indoor lighting. If you purchase within a department store it may be worth asking for a sample so you can try the colour on at home or apply the product on in store and have a good look once you return to the natural light. No visible line where the make up starts and ends is idea! The line along the jawline and hairline is a dead giveaway that you have the wrong shade of make up on and it can look rather strange. Always blend by feathering your make up from your jawline to your neck when applying to ensure you don't fall into Beauty Mistake No.1

Beauty Mistake No. 2 – Make Up On An Unprepped Skin

Sometimes when one puts on their make up you would be mad to think that you actually look better with nothing on at all. Nothing more frustrating than applying all your products, then makeup and you look flaky, dry, crepey and 10 years older than what you really are. If the skin is not prepped well, make up will sit and hover over your dead cells accentuating fine lines and pores. Get around Beauty Mistake No. 2 by exfoliating the skin at least once a week, use a moistuirser that is hydrating enough for your skin, use a primer if you need the edge to make the skin even more flawless. I LOVE using a facial oil before applying make up. I use this instead of using a primer as my skin really thanks me for the hydration and antioxidants that the facial oil gives my skin. Our favourite primer is Jane Iredale Smooth Affair (pictured below).

Beauty Mistake No. 3 – Only Wearing Sunscreen When You Go To The Beach

This is a golden oldie of mine and I have written many blogs on the effects of the sun on the skin, but I cannot write a blog on my top Beauty Mistakes without mentioning this one. If you want to slow down the ageing process as much as possible, daily mineral sunscreen should be no. 1 on your list. We spend so much money every year on expensive products to reverse ageing yet many neglect to protect their existing collagen from daily destruction.  I think this Beauty Mistake warrants me to just lay out some sunscreen facts as per below: 

~ The SPF rating as we know it is designed to indicate the protection against UVB ONLY not UVA
~ UVA comprises 95% of the UV rays
~ UVA is responsible for premature ageing of the skin - collagen destruction
~ Most chemical sunscreens DO NOT protect you from UVA
~ SPF is based on how long the skin takes to burn without sunscreen application. A higher SPF doesn't mean you have more UV protection, it just gives you a longer period of time that the ingredients absorb rays.
~ There is only a few % difference in the level of protection from a 15% to a 50% sunscreen – crazy but true!
~ Mineral only sunscreens eg zinc oxide are the healthiest is the safest sunscreen available
~ Mineral sunscreens reflect rays – they do not absorb like chemical ingredients

P.S Don't forget your neck and dec! Pictured below is the ever so popular Aspect Hydrashield.

Beauty Mistake No. 4 – Attacking The Wrong Type Of Blemishes

We have all been tempted at one point in time, some love to have a good squeeze, others prefer to leave their spots for their facialist to get at their next skin care appointment. There are 2 situations that you will be in and it is important to not fall into Beauty Mistake No 4. and attack the blemishes that simply do not want to be attacked.
If you have a blemish with a white head, then this is a green light for you to go ahead and gently eradicate the contents of your pore by gently squeezing. (p.s if the spot still feels hard after you squeeze yet you got out the oil plug/contents – please don't go for round 2, it takes time for the inflammation to go away on its own). Yet if you have a spot that is under the skin, no white head present, this is a papule and this one is giving you the red light. It is begging you to leave it alone. Seriously, this papule is very smart, it has an inbuilt healing mechanism that will heal the blemish from the bottom up, all it needs is time. If you come in like a blemish hero thinking you are doing your papule a favour you are wrong. If you make an opening in the top of the skin you have now basically told all the germs and bacteria in the surrounding area that you have a party going on deep inside your pore and the gates are open. Papules will take much longer to heal and will leave a mark if you attack them. Also it is much easier to cover a papule where the skin is not open.
I couldn't resist in asking Make Up Professional Tammi Hendricks her No. 1 Beauty Mistake. Tammi has worked in the fashion and bridal industry for over a decade with the best creative talents of some of the most recognizable models in Australia. Creator of #skinfit2016 an inspirational conversation with 'beauty' professionals on a common mission to inspire and educate.


Beauty Mistake No. 5 – By Tammi Hendricks Make Up Connoisseur.

Only Use Experts In Their Field And Know The Potential Risks For Your Skin Type

In a bid to get rid of unwanted facial fuzz, Tammi sort out some Laser sessions for hair removal. She ended up eliminating the hair but suffered the consequences of obtaining post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from being treated on the wrong setting by her laser technician. "Always use the best experts and know the potential risks for your skin type".
With laser not requiring certification in NSW and some other Australian States, check out your laser technician before embarking on laser treatments. Ask them their experience, what training they have had, have they successfully treated clients with darker skin types. Make sure you are clear and adhere to before and after care as directed by your laser specialist. If they so not offer some form of after care advice, you best to a 180 and exit.

What is your biggest beauty mistake? Share with us ....


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