I see a lot of clients in their early 20's who are wanting to get started on a reliable skin care regime and and treatment protocol to prevent wrinkles and ageing. Unfortunately we all age, but if we age healthily with a regular routine to assist in prevention of collagen breakdown and protect our cells from the daily onslaught we will enjoy our skin through the years and reap the rewards.    

It is also a natural transition for my acne clients to progress on to an anti-ageing regime that is holistic in terms of being non-invasive. The 20's is a prime time to put into place these tips that will prevent wrinkles as much as humanly possible.

These wrinkle prevention tips can be put into place immediately:

Wrinkle Prevention Tip #1 – Know your skin type and change your routine accordingly

The 20's are the years that you will reassess your skin and skin care regime as your skin progresses from the adolescent skin you had in your teens. Your skin will not be as "oily" meaning your skin is not producing the same amount of oil you once had in your teens. There will be a very small percentage of people who are except from this, but 98% of people moving through their 20's will in fact transition from being oily to normal to oily. I don't know how many times I hear "my skin feels tight after

cleansing". There is an obsession with using cleansers that are harsh and stripping. Our oil is there to protect our skins top layers and prevent bacteria from entering through the follicle. By stripping this layer away and then replenishing with a

moisturiser (more often than not one that  is not hydrating enough) the skin moves into a state of inflammation and can become sensitive and irritated or even breakout. Use a cleanser that is free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates) and harsh chemical ingredients. Moisturise your skin according to your skin type. Under nourishing the skin will make the skin look crepy and can become sensitive and irritated or even breakout. We all know what crepy skin looks like – small faint wrinkles which no one wants especially in their 20's. We love the Balance Cleanser  and Hydracell Moisturiser for all ages.


Wrinkle Prevention Tip #2 – Ease Into Anti-Ageing Skin Care, Don’t Stress Out The Skin

The 20's is a prime time to start the mission of preventing wrinkles, but we want to go slow and steady. There is no benefit for a young 20 year old using strong anti-ageing products designed to stimulate the skin. In your 20's, your skin is already operating at high capacity, until the age of 25 the skin is incremental in its collagen production. So there is no benefit in stimulating collagen excessively. The 20's is about enhancing, and feeding the skin essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to strengthen the skin allowing the skin to perform at its peak. Using the strongest Vitamin A serum will not have any positive effects. Rather the skin will become sensitive, irritated and dry/flaky. Use a good Vitamin B and C Serum like our IQ serum or the Aspect Extreme B and Extreme C to prevent pigmentation/sun damage, protect from free radicals and reduce inflammation and enhance collagen production. Once you reach age 25, start on a low dose Vitamin A like the Skin Matrix Rebuild Level 1 and stay on this until you are in your early 30's.

Wrinkle Prevention Tip #3 – Daily Mineral SPF = Wrinkle Prevention 101

If this is the only step you take on board, let this be it!! Prevent, prevent, prevent. I cannot scream that out loud enough. Maybe

I need to bungy jump or sky dive with a banner to share with the world. UV exposure is the number one cause of ageing. UV basically oxidizes our bodies and skin. Similar to metal near the ocean, it will rust when exposed. Wearing a good mineral sunscreen every day rain, hail or shine will protect from collagen breakdown, pigmentation/sun spots and broken blood vessels. Make it part of your daily routine and you won't have to think about it, it is just like putting your moisturizer on in the morning. For the acne prone, mineral sunscreen is even more of a consideration as chemical sunscreens are toxic to our cells, irritate the skin, are absorbed into our bodies and clog the pores. Osmosis Protect is my favourite all in one moistuirser and sunscreen for the 20's. It smells divine, it is light yet for the 20's nourishes well and goes on clear. I personally need the Skin Matrix Hydracell under the Protect for a moisture boost. Don't forget the neck, a full pump of product for the neck is needed to prevent wrinkles.  


Wrinkle Prevention Tip #4 – Eye Cream – NOW

Why an eye cream? Do you need to use one? Well simply, yes … if you want to prevent wrinkles as much as possible, yes. The eye area is delicate, there are no oil glands directly under the eyes so we lose water in the area quicker than any other area of the face. An eye cream will not only hydrate the eyes, but it will plump the skin and prevent water loss. Our Eye Bright has 5 plumpers which are specifically designed to hydrate and prevent water loss. This will keep the skin and tissue looking smooth and a crepy free zone. Some eye creams will also contain other ingredients to tackle puffiness and dark circles. Our Eye Bright contains ginger root to tackle these concerns as well as a very small amount of Vitamin A to simulate collagen production. The eyes are the FIRST place one typically sees their skin changing. 

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