Rosacea is presented as facial redness, dilated capillaries, flushing of the face which can be permanent or intermittent. It can be aggrevated by spicy foods, alcohol, hot showers, heavy exercise, certain foods and stress. There is no known cure so therefor no one treatment. We can however treat the symptoms that present such as the redding of the face and dilated capillaries. Rosacea sufferers can also get pustules in the flushed areas, which I have found reduce in numbers when the redness is treated with laser.  

Laser treatments will remove the flushed appearance leaving the skin less red and sometimes the visual symptoms can be completely managed with yearly laser sessions. I also put all my rosacea clients on the appropriate skin care products. I have named my top 3 rosacea products below.  

Of course one would prefer to treat the rosacea by the cause. I wishes to go down that path I would recommend one undertakes extensive hormone and blood testing for gut related issues with either a naturopath or integrative GP to try to locate the possible cause. There is more discussion these days relating rosacea to gut related issues.  

These are my top 3 products that I have witnessed in my clinic years to reduce and relieve rosacea symptoms.  

1. Rescue by Osmosis – this topical serum has an unusual smell, but a very distinct action in the skin.the main focus of this serum is to repair the barrier of the epidermis and reduce inflammation. My clients swear by this serum for any skin irritation be it rosacea, dermatitis, or acne. Use am and pm, after cleansing and before moisturiser.  

2. Skin Perfection Serum by Skin Matrix – I see this time and time again the surge of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in the Skin Perfection Serum calms any skin, does not clog pores and strengthens the skin enabling it to perform at its peak. Vitamin C, E, green tea, pomegranate extract and niacinamide (vit b3) douse the skin in skin loving antioxidants reducing inflammation in the skin and strengthening the capillary network.  

3. Digestive Health Harmonized Water by Osmosis – this revolutionary harmonized water by the leaders in frequency water – Osmosis has been assisting rosacea sufferers through a natural method. With the belief that rosacea is connected to gut related issues, this water has a particularly frequency whereby it balances disharmonies in the digestive tract. Take as directed on the bottle. This is an internal product.


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