As soon as that cooler weather comes in my skin instantly feels drier. This includes both my facial skin and body skin, and I see it too with my clients, it is like the cooler weather instantly zaps that extra dewiness from our skin. I have some tips and tricks I have been using over the years to combat the effects of Autumn on our skin and would love to share them with you so you can continue to enjoy soft and supple skin even in the cooler months.

#1 Start the Supple prep with a facial oil

At the end of Summer, find that facial oil that you may have pushed to the back of your cupboard to get it ready and on hand. Facial oil is my first go-to – I will start using a facial oil within the first month of Autumn; even if the cooler weather hasn’t kicked in, I use this time to start to prep and drench your skin in essential fatty acids and luscious oils that it will utilize when required. There are facial oils for all skin types. Oily skins enjoy the Hemp Seed Extract that combats breakouts whilst reducing inflammation. These oils are healing and keep the skin hydrated. The Cannebella Clarify Serum is a perfect example of such an oil.

Normal to dry skin types love the rosehip oil which is high in essential fatty acids that lock moisture into the skin and prevent water loss, which is really important when the skin is faced with air conditioning, heaters, and the elements such as wind. Many facial oils include oil-soluble vitamins so your skin can also receive the benefits of antioxidants to aid cellular repair whilst keeping the skin nourished and plump. The Skin Matrix Coq10 Rosehip Facial Oil contains Vitamin C and Alpha-Bisabolol which stimulates healing and inhibits collagen breakdown. It is also a natural skin brightener. Coq10 is used in this facial oil to assist your cells to communicate with one another and improves cellular energy which naturally declines as we age.

You can use a facial oil before, with your moisturiser, or after a moisturiser. They are super versatile and are recommended for all skin types in the Autumn and Winter months. One of my clients loves adding a drop of the CoQ10 to her Jane Iredale BB Cream for a super luminous finish.


2# Swap your acids

In Summer a lot of skins love extra fruit acids in a skin routine, as our bodies produce more oil and sweat, we feel extra exfoliation keeps our pores clear and clean and our skin nice and smooth. In Autumn I recommend reducing the use of Glycolic Acid and perhaps make the switch altogether to a Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid is far less drying on the skin and suits a normal to dry skin type much better. The skin will receive similar benefits to glycolic, however, with Lactic being a larger molecule it will naturally penetrate into the skin at a slower rate, therefore not drying your skin out so much

You can use Lactic acid in the form of a toner, where you spritz onto a cotton round and wipe over the skin (not eyelids). Start off 2 times a week and increase as the skin tolerates. Reduce frequency if the skin gets irritated or dry. Each skin will have its own preference for frequency. My skin loves 2 times a week, especially when I apply an overnight sleep mask afterwards!

Try the Skin Matrix Everbright Kakadu Plum Toner or the HydroPeptide Pre Treatment Toner. Both with 5% lactic acid these can be used and enjoyed by all skin types. 


3# Use a thicker moisturiser

Do not be afraid at experimenting with a thicker moisturiser. Your skin can never have enough hydration, it will really come down to your preference of how much of a dewy finish you are used to and like. Chat with your Skin Care Therapist about your options and even start using a thicker moisturiser of a night. You may move to using that thicker moisturiser morning and night once you get used to the texture and finish. Your skin is going to lose more natural moisturiser throughout Autumn and Winter – so giving your skin a little helping hand to prevent that moisture loss is the aim of the game. My clients love the Saya Intense Moisturiser, as it contains lots of lovely oils and smells and feels divine. The Grown Alchemist Age Repair Intensive Moisturiser is also popular with peptides to tackle fine lines and white tea a powerful antioxidant.


4# Boost your hydration whilst you sleep

There are some divine sleep masks available that I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment. I am using the Grown Alchemist Sleep Mask 2 times a week (basically after I do the Skin Matrix Everbright Kakadu Plum Toner). For those that don’t like heavy masks, but oodles of hydration this is your best friend!

For those that prefer a thicker style hydration mask, the Osmosis Remedy is a thick balm that has hydration at front of mind. An anti-inflammatory, healing, and repair mask that can be used once a week or as required. This mask can also be used post in-clinic treatment, such as a peel, microdermabrasion, or skin needling.


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