The Top 2 Anti-Ageing Tips You Must Know

These Top 2 Anti-Ageing Tips You Must Know Tips will shave years off your age not only now, but long term. Start these 2 anti-ageing tips today to save your skin in years to come 

#1 Top Anti-Ageing Tips You Must Know : Save Your Neck and Dec! 

We apply sunscreen to our face daily (well I'm hoping you do), but we neglect to slather on our sunscreen on our neck and décolletage. These areas cop the sun everyday and are one of the most neglected parts of our body. We can remove pigmentation with lasers and IPL, but it is very tricky to treat the skin density, elasticity and texture in these areas. So prevention is key to keeping these areas youthful. Use a mineral only sunscreen for a healthy light protection and prevent uneven skin texture, tone and discolouration in the years to come.  Our 2 favourite Suncreens are Osmosis Protect and Aspect Hydrasheild.


#2 Top Anti-Ageing Tips You Must Know : Get Movin 

We all know the benefits exercise has on the body, but did you know that exercise has amazing anti-ageing benefits for the skin? Our body is made up of living cells, these cells need nutrients just like we need food to survive. When we exercise we increase blood flow which helps to nourish our cells. Blood and nutrients are carried throughout the body to the skin, our largest organ. Waste is also carried away from our cells which are working very hard to keep us in good working order. Free radicals are also swept away including cellular debris cleaning us from the inside.  

Exercise also decreases our stress levels which in turn has a positive impact on our hormones. Hormones contribute to our skin health in many ways.

Eczema and Acne can be affected and caused by increased stress levels, so by decreasing our stress in our body we can can have a positive impact on these skin conditions. Get those peace loving endorphins circulating throughout the body and reap the rewards both physically and emotionally. 

Even a 30 minute walk a day will get those stress defying hormones going, so grab some gym clothes, go for a walk and let the your skin glow and the stress go. 


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