Let Skin Care Expert Sarah Wilkinson share her tips and tricks on how to get Clear Skin.

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Clear Skin Tips

Choose The Right Cleanser

It's all in the cleansing! This is the first and crucial step to achieving a clear skin. Every day we bombard our skin with pollution, dirt, and makeup. It is important that we choose the correct cleanser for our skin type and condition.

  • Normal to dry skin type, I suggest you use a gel style cleanser, (of course SLS Free - sodium lauryl sulfate free) -  we recommend the Balance Cleanser.
  • Normal to oily skin you can use either a gel or a foaming cleanser. We recommend the Organic Nation Foaming Cleanser.
  • Sensitive skin, then a gentle gel cleanser is perfect for you. We recommend the ASAP Gentle Clean Cleanser.

NB: Please, do not use a milk or cream cleanser, or as I have come across recently oil cleansers. These do not cleanse the skin sufficiently. A good cleanser needs to be slightly acidic or alkaline to properly cleanse the skin. Traditionally milk, cream and oil cleanser are PH neutral. A nightmare for acneic skins!

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Our Gut Rules Our Complexion

Whatever we put into our body will be reflected on our skin. I have found over the years that too many carbs and sugars wreak havoc on the skin, in relation to both anti-ageing and acne. Excess sugar attaches to our collagen, crosslinking the strands causing our collagen fibers to prematurely breakdown. Too much sugar also disrupts our insulin levels and has a flow on effect to our hormones. Too many carbohydrates disrupts our gut health. The gut rules our complexion and is a major contributor to acne. Consult with a nutritionist to get a clear skin food plan if you struggle to make the change. If you feel you have gut issues, consult with an Integrative GP. 

Don't Starve Your Skin

One of the causes of a dull, lifeless complexion is undernourished skin. Something so simple and yet so wonderfully easy to correct. If you have not been diagnosed (by a trained Aesthetician) with having a true oily skin, throw out every "oil free" product you have in your house. This is not benefiting your skin at all. True oily skins are very rare these days, so make sure you have the correct diagnosis. Oil free products do not give your skin the nourishment and protection it needs on a day to day basis. So your skin actually responds by producing small spots that feel like lots of bumps under the skins surface. To achieve a clear skin, use a light serum to target hydration, provide antioxidants and brighten the skin such as the Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum or the Osmosis Replenish. Nourish the skin with a moisturiser daily and don't forget to exfoliate. 

The Ultimate Home Rejuvenation Device

My clients love this, they use the Rejuva3 Elite between appointments and I also have many clients across Australia who cannot get to a clinic for a treatment who use this. It contains 4 different technologies in the same device. 

  1. Electroporation: the latest and safest way to deliver active ingredients into the skin
  2. RF (radiofrequency) RF penetrates the skin layers selectively heating the skin tissue and cellular matrix where your collagen resides. This heating causes a contraction of your collagen fibers and at the same time increases your natural production of collagen and elastin fibers. This additional production of collagen and elastin fibres tighten skin layers creating a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.
  3. LED Phototherapy for collagen regeneration, skin healing, acne, reducing inflammation and calming. You choose your LED setting. 
  4. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) stimulates muscles on the face and body for firming and toning. Like taking your face to the gym!

Use it 1-2 times a week after serum and moisturiser application. 

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