If you've always wondered how to get that perfect smoky eye or how to blend your eye shadow colours, so they blend like the colours of a rainbow, the first step is making sure you are using the right makeup brushes. With such a huge variety of brushes available, you don't necessarily need all of them to apply your eye shadow like a pro. When creating your everyday look, investing in 3 good quality brushes will make all the difference. These are the top 3 mineral eye shadow makeup brushes we recommend for every woman who likes to dabble with a little colour¦

1. Eye Shader Brush: A soft flat brush that simplifies application and perfect for priming the eye with your chosen base shade. The Eye Shader brush is also great to tap on mineral pigments and is small enough to use under the lower lash line to add a smoky finish.


jane iredale eye shader brush

2. Crease Brush: Shaped like a small dome with a point, the Crease Brush is designed to fit into the crease of the eye, resulting in a perfectly blended shadow. What more could a girl want!

3. Chisel Shader Brush: With shorter, firmer bristles than the Eye Shader, the Chisel Shader brush is ideal for laying down and compacting eye shadows onto flat surfaces or specific areas. It can also be used to apply shimmer or highlights to the centre of the lid or the inner most corner of the eye, next to the nose. This multi-purpose tool is also great for getting a clean, precise highlight along the brow bone. Having a minimum of 3 brushes on hand means you can easily apply three shadow colours using a clean brush for each colour, giving you more control over your placement of colour. There is no need to limit yourself to just three brushes either, professional makeup artists actually use many more, so if you're the experimental type and have a natural flair when it comes to applying makeup¦ the world is your oyster!

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