I have written about Telomeres before, but this is a topic that I want to discuss further. Telomeres are like a protective tip that cap the end of our DNA,  that keep our chromosomes stable. A telomere is part of our DNA that controls ageing. So if shortening Telomeres are linked to ageing, how do they shorten?

How do Telomeres shorten?

  • Free radical damage to our DNA from antioxidant deficiency. This deficiency causes mutations in our protein and DNA.
  • Cross Linkage - where sugar molecules bind with protein molecules creating blobs of gunk called AGE's (Advanced Glycation End Products). These build up, cause inflammation and a variety of disease and ageing.
  • External Threats such as environmental pollution and toxins
  • Smoking, chronic stress, drinking, sleep deprivation, illnesses, hormonal imbalances, sedentary behaviour, obesity, exposure to environmental toxins and injury

Lengthening the telomeres of healthy cells can prevent a whole range of diseases, by boosting our immune system and making our DNA more stable. This, in turn, will extend the life span of our cells.

How can we lengthen Telomeres or our Biological Clock?
  • The enzyme Telomerase will rebuild your Telomeres. We all have the enzyme Telomerase in our cells, but typically the gene is turned off or repressed. As we get older the amount of Telomerase declines.
  • In a cell where Telomerase gene enzyme is turned on, the Telomere is rebuilt automatically.
  • One ingredient: TA-65 made from the extract of a Chinese herb Astragalus which was discovered by Geron Corporation. There have been rigorous tests done by Geron and Sierra Sciences, to prove this ingredient does lengthen the Telomeres by activating Telomerase.
  • Within the next decade, Telomere therapy will be available.
How can we prevent Telomeres shortening?
  • Exercise - short bursts of high-intensity exercise
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Sleep
  • Vitamin D
  • Meditation and Stress Management
  • Antioxidant Supplements
  • Omega 3 Fish Oils
  • Glutathione - 600mg twice daily
  • L-Carnosine - 1000mg daily
  • Coenzyme Q 10- 200-60mg daily

I am sure over the next decade we will learn a lot more about Telomeres and the impact of shortening on the ageing process. A healthy life balance, with a good skin care routine to supply vital antioxidants and minerals to the skin is as much as we can do to save our Telomeres from shortening.

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