I thought I would share this with you, it is the latest Home Care Advice from Osmosis Headquarters. 

Intensive Home Therapy Nothing beats the results of twice daily use of Osmosis products at home and monthly Facial Infusions. But to give skin an additional boost you can perform an intensive home therapy once a week using your personal Osmosis products. For collagen boosting use a Treatment A Serum to accelerate skin turnover, for oxidative protein repair use Rescue (this can also be great for an acneic or rosacea treatment to increase immune function in skin). 

Clean skin thoroughly with Cleanse, Purify or Deep Clean. Apply a few pumps of Polish and massage into skin for about 3-5 minutes to exfoliate, remove with water or warm damp towel. Using a Vitamin A Serum (such as Calm) or Rescue l, take 6 pumps and apply to skin. Massage until tacky then spray Clear and re-massage, repeat until fully absorbed. To enhance this therapy you can use steam by filling up your sink with hot water or use warm damp towels. The key to this treatment is to get the product to penetrate as much as possible to ensure the best result. Once this treatment is fully massaged in you may finish it with a moisturizer, Quench or Quench Plus+, and/or sun protection like Protect or Colour mineral powder.  

Tips & Tricks: For stubborn hyperpigmentation use this alternative: Clean and exfoliate skin as described above. Use 6 drops of Rescue to massage topically to entire face, massage this in thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes then cleanse from skin so that no oil remains.

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