Currently in the middle of Winter our skin, lips and bodies are bearing the full brunt of the colder weather. Skin feels dry and tight, make up doesn’t sit on the skin as well, and our lips are forever dry. Follow my Winter Skin Tips to make sure your skin is Spring ready and start to reap the rewards now. Luminous skin can be yours in Winter but it will require a little more diligence than what one can get away with in the Spring and Summer seasons.  

The Winter chill naturally dries our skin out; the wind and heating increases our water loss creating a less supple skin. I know its super tempting to sit next to the heater to thaw out the body and skin but this really zaps the skin of its natural water supply. 

Winter to Spring Skin Tip #1

Drink more water. I even catch myself drinking less, it is so easy to do. Have the extra cup of tea vs a glass of water. Tea (and coffee if you love a good coffee) are so tempting as the warmth of these warm beverages warm our body and are oh so comforting. Coffee and Caffeinated Teas will dehydrate us though so try to counter balance warm beverages with some room temperature water. Fill a 1.5 litre bottle of water and try to get through that in your day as your skin rehydration mission.  

Winter To Spring Skin Tip #2

Take a good Essential Fatty Acid Supplement. This will provide much needed essential fatty acids to our cellular membranes. Why is this important? Every cell in our body contains EFA's in our cellular membranes which increases the cell "security". It is much harder to lose water and hydration from the skin from external elements if you have a sound EFA content in the skin. Skin suppleness if related very closely to EFA content. Unless you are having oily fish and other high EFA content foods, this is a great spring skin plumper that you can start the ground work on now. 

Winter To Spring Skin Tip #3  

Add a Hydrating Oil Booster to your moisturiser. Winter beckons you to change your skin hydration routine. As soon as Autumn comes, jump on the skin hydration bandwagon and tweak your routine from Summer to Winter Routine. If you LOVE your moisturiser like many of our clients LOVE our HydraCell Moisturiser, and want to use the same moisturiser throughout the year, you can add an oil to your moisturiser to boost your skins hydration. Just add 1-2 drops to your moisturiser then apply as per normal. Don’t not use a moistuirser all together as an oil and an emulsion cream have 2 different roles in hydrating the skin. Use both together for best results. The skin will instantly feel relieved, calm, supple and your make up will glide on just as you remember it did in those warmer Summer months. It will also give your skin its glow back. The cells are nourished and well fed and are ready to tackle the chilly windy day ahead. Our CoQ10 Rosehip Oil is unlike any other. It not only nourishes the skin, but is recharges the cellular energy with the COq10 and bombards the skin with antioxidants to protect the skin from the sun and other daily aggressors with ingredients such as oil soluble vitamin C (potent and more stable than other forms), Vitamin E, Antioxidant form of Vitamin A and Alpha-Bisabolol (protects the skin from daily stress).  


Winter To Spring Skin Tip #4

Invest in a good Hydration Mask. We love the Cosmedix Rescue+. It is calming, soothing, hydrating and restores moisturise levels in the skin. You can wear this one ontop of your nightly serums over night.  

I recommend using a good hydrating mask at least once a week, and more if needed (if skin is exceptionally dry with visible skins of flaking, tightness and crepey skin). Don't forget to exfoliate before using a hydration mask. It is important to whisk away dead cells to ensure your mask reaches deeper levels in your skin and in turn gives you optimal results.  

Winter To Spring Skin Tip #5

If you do not have blemishes to combat, you may consider reducing the amount of AHA's  (alpha hydroxy acids) you are using on the skin. These acids will penetrate deeper and becomes more irritating in the cooler months when the skins natural lipid layers is not as plentiful. Signs to indicate you need to cut back on AHA's would be: pink skin – especially after applying the AHA's, flaking skin, raw skin, exceptionally tight and crepey skin. Reduce your AHA application for 2 weeks and you should see an improvement.

Winter To Spring Skin Tip #6

Treat yourself to monthly (more regularly if one can) in clinic Skin Hydration Booster Treatments. Your skin care expert will assess your skin and choose a course of skin hydration treatments to see you through the winter months. Drench the skin in moisture loving ingredients that won't make you break out, just make the skin glow and be luminous like it loves to be. Your Skin Care Expert will determine your skins type and condition and be the best person to give you that suppleness edge throughout winter and have your skin in tip top condition for when Spring arrives.

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