There is nothing more frustrating than an irritated skin. At the height of a stressed and inflammed skin, one may try many potions, lotions and prescription options to relieve them from their tight, itchy and uncomfortable irritated skin. Prescription creams may relieve an irritated skin for the interim, but if there is an underlying element that is inflamming the skin, we need to look at healthier long term options that will not cause negative side effects from ongoing use. For chronic irritated skins, one may need to go down the path of prescriptive creams alongside of some of the soothing and healing products mentioned below. Use these in conjunction and ween off the prescriptive options slowly and eventually aim to be on these healthier anti-inflammatory cosmeceutical products.

Cosmeceutical products are effective in treating an irritated skin because they are designed to correct skin conditions through the use of active ingredients that are in the correct dosages to create change within the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. Cosmetic skin care products on the other hand do not contain the same amount of active ingredients as a Cosmeceutical Skin Care Product and the active ingredients they do contain are at a much lower percentage.  Cosmeceutical Skin Care combines science with nature and it is these precise active ingredients and formulations that have assisted so many of our clients in the past.

Rosacea skins that are presented with a reddening of the cheeks, nose or as a general all over diffused redness is an extremely irritated skin and is of most concern to the rosacea client. Long term use of topical prescriptive medications can thin the skin and cause secondary inflammation over long term use. Lasers and IPL can soothe Rosacea skin irritation by removing the redness one sees. This in turn can reduce the breakouts that are common to Rosacea skins.
An irritated skin, no matter what the cause, is a skin that is in SOS mode. The barrier of the skin is commonly impaired. The skins barrier is the first line of defense, so a strong, permeable skin membrane is essential for skin health, especially against bacteria. The below products are my weapons of choice for my clients who present an inflamed and irritated skin.

Osmosis Rescue:
The Osmosis Rescue Serum contains the extract of Sweet Wormwood and has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation, stress and redness from the skin. This product never ceases to amaze me, truly one of a kind. It also has proven positive results for acne and pigmentation clients. It repairs the skins barrier and dramatically improves the skins texture. I personally have had success with the Osmosis Rescue Serum for reducing and lightening melasma, a hormonal pigmentation common in women most commonly the pill. Use Rescue AM and PM after cleansing and before other serum application. Safe to use whilst pregnant.

osmosis rescue serum
Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum:
Developed as an All in One Serum, the Skin Matrix Skin Perfection has become our top go to product for calming an irritated skin. The optimal option here is the use the Osmosis Rescue AM and PM morning and night and then apply the Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum on top, before moisturiser. This soothing and calming serum will not only repair the skins barrier, it will drench the skin in vitamins C, B3 (Niacinamide) and Vitamin E to scavenge free radicals to strengthen the skin and provide necessary antioxidant protection. Hyaluronic acid is the hydrator of the century! Plumps, soothes and eliminates that dry tight sensation that is so common with an irritated skin. Lets not forget licorice extract which brightens the skins complexion and heptapeptide-8 to tackle the ageing process. Lots of great ingredients at low concentrations so as to not upset an angry skin. Safe to use whilst pregnant.


Osmosis Immerse
I am yet to meet a dry skin client who has not been satisfied with the powerful hydrating benefits of the Osmosis Immerse Serum. Immerse is a barrier repairing lipid serum that can be used under moisturiser or mixed with your favourite moisturiser. Smells and feels divine, dry tight skin will be no longer with this antioxidant hydrating serum. Osmosis Immerse contains linoleic and Oleic Acids to supply long lasting and much needed deep hydration to the skin. Our skins, especially a dry skin type, lose moisture from our skin so easily throughout the day. The use of a serum which not only deeply nourishes but assists in preventing water loss from the skin will also relieve an irritated skin. Irritated skins are usually very dehydrated as the skins barrier is impaired. This serum will restore the barrier and deeply nourish. Safe to use whilst pregnant.Osmosis Immerse

Use Mineral Make Up Only
Mineral Make Up will not aggravate a stressed skin, yet it will assist in protecting the skin from the daily onslaught of bacteria, allergens and prevent water loss. Reducing the amount of pore clogging, suffocating ingredients one uses the better. Chemical makeup is notorious for breakouts, clogging the pores and irritating the skin. Switch to Jane Iredale or Youngblood Mineral Make Up and watch your skin flourish.

 jane iredale mineral make up


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