Facial Oils are finally being understood for the many skin benefits they supply our skin with. Let me share with you in this article which oils are best to use on the face and the benefits these oils will give to your complexion.

I have said many a times that oil is not the enemy for breakouts. It is true, I promise! Breakouts are caused when our pores become congested and clogged from a build up of excess dead skin cells and oil. If we assist our skin in shedding the dead skin within our pores, we allow safe passage for our oil flow (be it slow or super fast) to flow freely to the skins surface. You can have an oily skin type and no blemishes.  

So now we have demystified that rumour, we can now look at oil in a fresh new light. In Summer you will more than likely use a lighter moisturiser in which you can add a facial oil to complement this season such as jojoba oil. In the Winter months using Shea Butter and coconut oil will provide the skin with more hydration through these heavier oils.  

Facial Oils will assist in a healthy acid mantle. The acid mantle is the uppermost layer on the skin made up of sweat and oil. It protects the skin from pathogens and bacteria and is the skins first line of defense. Harsh skin care products and over exfoliating the skin can impair the acid mantle, leaving the skin vulnerable. Using a facial oil can repair the acid mantle, reduce inflammation, prevent water loss which will keep the skin hydrated and strengthen the skins integrity.  

Depriving the skin of oil can actually cause breakouts, so all skin types can safely use oil to compliment their moisturiser and nourishing regime. For any one after a luminous glow, begin your skin loving oil addiction immediately! You will love our CoQ10 Rosehip Facial Oil, that not only makes skin soft and supple it will recharge your skin on a cellular level along with a surge of Vitamins A,C and E. Organic Nation Anti-ageing Super-natural8 Recovery Oil is very popular.


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