Rejuva3 Brow Lift

Our Rejuva3 Microcurrent Facial Toning Device is a great way of taking control of your anti-ageing regime in the comfort of your own home. Only 2 times a week, for 10 minutes per session is all that is required to take your facial muscles to the gym. You can customize the Rejuva3 Elite to work for you. If you only want to target a natural brow lift and decrease tension in the forehead then follow our 1 minute brow lift video below 2 times a week. Consistent use will work on muscle tone, firmness, anti-ageing and product penetration.

Rejuva3 Elite Device

Watch as we show you our Rejuva3 Elite 1 minute Brow Lift video.

Perfect to do before heading out for a special occasion and doing 2 times a week regularly to work that forehead muscle.

The Rejuva3 Elite will not only exercise your facial muscles but it will:


  • Penetrate the skin product you have on your skin at the time of using the device. If you are using Vitamin A, lightening serums or any strong active skin care, I would recommend you start off just using a moisturizer and either our Skin Matrix Facial Spritz or water to keep the skin moist throughout your Rejuva3 Elite treatment. Once your skin is used to the device, perhaps after one month, you can start using your active skin care. If your skin is pink for more than 1-2 hours post treatment that is an indication that either you need to turn the device down a setting or to stop using the stronger products with the device.
  • LED Light Therapy will target stimulation and synthesis of collagen and elastin through the RED LED light. Or if you have breakouts, you can use the BLUE LED which will kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • Microcurrent is the facial muscle exerciser. My clients call this the octopus! That is basically how it feels. Pulses of microcurrent to work the belly of your facial muscles.  

Use the Rejuva3 Elite for 5 minutes on either side of the face and you are done.


To Get Started (and our favourite products):

All of these technologies are in the same device, they all occur at the same time. All you need to do is select setting 1,2,3 or 4 for intensity and the LED Light Therapy setting of your choice. These commonly are either Red for anti-ageing or Blue for acne/breakouts.
Please note if you have had Botox in an area and the Botox is still valid. Do not use this device over that area as the device is exercising a muscle that is currently not “working”. But it is a fantastic time to use this device before your next Botox session. If you have some movement back, before your next Botox session, work your facial muscle as this is a prime way to prevent muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is basically a muscle that is becoming weaker and smaller as it is not being used.





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