I was looking in my cupboard the other night and I decided to make a mask with the ingredients that I had handy. This turned out to be one of the best masks I had ever made! It was super fresh on the skin, it felt very cool and it tingled in some parts as well. I prepped my skin first with the Skin Matrix AHA Facial Scrub and a nice warm wet face cloth to remove the scrub. Once I knew I had removed some serious layers of dead skin I started mixing my mask. Here are the ingredients I used in one of my favourite tea cups:                 

matcha powder

The benefits of this mask are:

- brightened complexion immediately
- super smooth, soft and hydrated skin
- pores look minimized
- anti ageing and antioxidant benefits
- great pre special occasion mask

The best thing I noticed from this mask?

  • My skin looked really alive and even toned, really brightened up the skin in such a short amount of time.

How long did I keep it on for?

  • 20 mins (you could do anywhere between 10-30 mins)

Matcha has so many wonderful antioxidants in it, that this alone with one other serum would also give you fabulous results. There is no vitamin A in this mask, so you are fine to use this mask if pregnant or breastfeeding. You can do this mask 1 x week. I hope you all love this one as much as me!



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