Palm oil seems to be in most things these days. I was aware that it was in most foods that we eat. I'm sure that over half a supermarket is full of the stuff! But little did I know that Palm Oil also goes by the name of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Found in most cleansers, dishwashing detergents, washing powders, soap, and COSMETICS! Why you may ask is this such a problem?

washing detergent

Well I have a problem with our amazing wildlife being destroyed for the sake of cheap ingredients and short term gain. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is derived from Palm Kernel Oil. Originating in West Africa, Palm Kernel Oil is now mostly grown, harvested and exported from Malaysia and Indonesia at unsustainable levels. Borneo and Sumatra are in a serious situation where they are clearing so much of their lush habitats to plant massive palm oil plantations. Companies are irresponsibly not labelling Palm Oil on their products but hiding this name amongst 20 other aliases such as vegetable oil!. We didn't always use palm oil, so why today? I believe there are alternatives that could be used to achieve the same effect of Palm Oil, it may cost us a few extra cents, but no more cost to the environment and its wildlife.


What can you do??

Purchase Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE cosmetics! There are plenty out there, I sell Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free products and have done so for many years. I chose not to use these products as they are irritating on the skin, and an extremely harsh chemical. Please read more on the health issues with using this ingredient :

It has been shown to irritate the skin of the face with prolonged and constant exposure (more than an hour) in young adults.[14] SDS may worsen skin problems in individuals with chronic skin hypersensitivity, with some people being affected more than others.[15][16][17] In animal studies SDS appears to cause skin and eye irritation.[13]    


Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up Get skin savy and make the switch today. Your skin and body and the Orangutans will thank you greatly!


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